Sony will host a PlayStation Showcase in the early morning of September 10th




Earlier Sony announced that it will host a 40-minute show at 4 am on September 10th. PlayStation Showcase Activity. At that time, the official will introduce the first-party and third-party game lineups at the end of the year and in the future. After the main link, some studios will further share more information. But what is basically certain is that Sony will not mention the new PS VR device at that time. They have said before that this product will not be released until next year at the earliest. The chance to appear may be games such as the new work of “God of War”, or “GTA V” PS5 version such “returning to the pot”. In addition, Sony may also give some news related to host updates (currently, it has been beta testing SSD extensions such functions).

Interested friends can watch the event through PlayStation’s Twitch and YouTube channels. Of course, we will also do first-hand reports.