Sony will host a State of Play event with the theme of “Death Loop” in the early morning of July 9th

死亡循環 Deathloop


Earlier Sony announced the next State of Play The time and theme of the event. This press conference will start at 5 am on July 9th. Watching platforms include YouTube and Twitch. The protagonist is the new work “Deathloop” created by Arkane Studios for PlayStation 5. . At that time, the official will release a 9-minute real machine game demonstration, allowing players to get a glimpse of how to play this first-person shooter game in advance.

After several delays, “Death Cycle” is now confirmed to land on PS5 and PC platforms on September 14. For Microsoft behind Arkane, it is a relatively rare experience to launch such a work that will only come to Xbox after a one-year exclusive period. In addition to “Death Cycle”, in this half-hour event, Sony will also bring some new information about third-party and independent games.

But what is certain is that “Horizon: Western Forbidden Land”, “God of War” sequel and PlayStation VR new hardware will not debut. Among them, “Western Forbidden Land” just released a live video game not long ago, and Sony has asked players to “stay attention this summer.”

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