South Australia’s $ 1 billion energy trade is based on gas-fired recovery


South Australia and the federal government have signed an agreement of A $ 1.08 billion (US $ 834 million) to provide South Australia with reliable and affordable energy while maintaining emission reduction targets. did.

The deal includes a $ 100 million energy grid interconnect between South Australia and New South Wales and a $ 510 million investment in emission reduction projects such as carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, solar heat and electric vehicles. It is included.

But this deal is for the government Gas-fired recovery Plan — A plan to reduce costs and emissions and address Australia’s projected gas shortages.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Media release The plan will play an important role in supporting families and SMEs while addressing climate concerns.

“Families and businesses need affordable and reliable electricity, which lowers prices and creates jobs,” Morrison said. “Australian people also want to make sure they are doing everything they can responsibly to combat climate change.”

Morrison added that energy trading requires gas along with renewable energy to achieve both affordability and reliability.

“This means bringing more gas to market to support the increase in renewable solar and wind power flowing into our power systems,” he said. “One works with the other to provide low cost, low emissions and reliable electricity.”

Australia has set a net zero emissions target by 2050, following its commitment to the Paris Agreement. Gas is part of the government’s plan to reduce emissions while maintaining a reliable source of energy.

According to CSIRO’s report (pdf), Compared to coal, the use of household gas for power generation reduces emissions by an estimated 31 or 50 percent, depending on the type of gas turbine used.

However, the decision to move from coal to gas faces criticism from those who support carbon-free power sources.

by Climate councilThe Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) reports that gas shortages are exaggerated.

“That’s exactly what the Morrison government’s” gas-burning recovery “illusion is, an expensive, dangerous and unnecessary illusion,” said Tim Baxter, a researcher at the Climate Council.

“Gas is also pushing up electricity and manufacturing prices. It has no role in our economic recovery,” Baxter said.

so interview Angus Taylor, Minister of Energy and Emissions Reduction at 2GB, claimed that the AEMO report had previously failed to accurately estimate the need for gas supplies.

“They made very important mistakes in their predictions in the past,” Taylor said. “They have repeatedly underestimated the amount of gas needed for the system in the past.”

Taylor also said that the promotion of gas does not support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and only penalizes Australian families and businesses.

“The irony about gas is that many anti-gas activists say,’Well, it’s important to get rid of the gas because of the emissions,'” he said. “Frankly, the more gas we have in our system, the lower our emissions.”

Taylor went on to say that the elimination of gas supplies would only hinder Australian families and businesses.

“We have these activists acting against the interests of Australia, the interests of Australian manufacturing, and the interests of Australian SMEs and families,” Taylor said.