South beach tourists were shot dead.The suspect told police that he had a lot of mushrooms.


“I felt the mushrooms were high and empowered,” said a 21-year-old man who shot and killed a Colorado tourist at a South Beach restaurant, according to arrest reports.

Police in Miami Beach arrested Tamarius David, 21, in Norcross, Georgia. He was charged with a second murder and attempted murder with a weapon.

The shooting took place on Tuesday night at La Cerveceria, 1400 blocks on Ocean Drive. The person killed was 21-year-old Dustin Wakefield, who was eating with his family in a restaurant. David told police that he “randomly chose” to shoot Wakefield and attack another man on the street a few minutes ago.

David was arrested in the next alley. In a video obtained by the Miami Herald, you can hear him screaming: I did it. “

Wakefield’s uncle told Herald that Wakefield was on vacation with his family, wife, and one-year-old son.

“This guy shook his gun, saying it was time to die. He pointed his gun at his son, and Dustin said,’He’s just a boy,'” he wasn’t at South Beach. Said Mike Wakefield, who spoke to him from his family. “Dustin stood between the shooter and the baby and shot him. He shot him many times on the ground.”

Dustin Wakefield worked in the construction industry and loved music and hunting, his uncle said.

“He was the kindest kid. He loved his family. He liked to be a dad,” he said.

This report will be updated.