South Carolina Democrats Call on Republicans to Expand Medicaid with the Help of New Federal Stimulation Act

South Carolina Senate Democrats pressure state legislature governor Henry McMaster and Republicans to expand Medicade and enroll more low-income South Carolina citizens in health insurance on Tuesday Aimed at.

“We are one of the dozens of states in the country that have chosen not to expand Medicaid under affordable care laws, and thousands, in fact hundreds of thousands, of South Carolina. Denies access to medical care, “said Senate minority leader Brad Hutto. D-Orangeburg. “We are under a series of Republican governors and will not expand Medicaid at the expense of the health and well-being of South Carolina citizens, and at the cost of billions of dollars poured into our health care system. I chose to support many local hospitals along the way. “

However, Republican leaders and governors have not run.

Currently signed by President Joe Biden. Federal Stimulation Act Known as the American Rescue Program, which sent checks to millions of Americans for the COVID-19 pandemic — measures that give opportunities and money primarily to southern states to expand Medicaid’s reach. Was included.

The Governor of the Republic of South Carolina has refused to expand Medicaid under the medical law of former President Barack Obama for years, and legislative efforts to ask expansion questions in the general election vote. Did not go anywhere.

Colombian Republican McMaster repeated his position The state has no plans to use the measure..

“Gov. McMaster isn’t for sale, no matter what Democrats in the disorganized’incentive’Parliament might come up with,” spokesman Brian Simms said in a statement provided to the Associated Press. Said in. “What the federal spending plan does is try to provide short-term solutions to long-term problems.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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