South Carolina employees can take paid family vacations as new pushes pass through the house with major allies

New efforts to provide State staff 12 weeks Paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday with a 104-4 vote.

If the Senate follows, the governor said on Wednesday he would support the bill-supporting the bill, which may help it become a law.

The proposed benefits are intended to help the state retain its employees as it competes with the private sector for workers.

“Paid parental leave is important to support the economic security of our working families,” said Republican Rep. Beth Bernstein, who sponsors the bill. “This paid leave provides an opportunity for mothers and fathers to connect with newborn babies during this crisis, not only improving retention rates for state staff, but also promoting healthier outcomes. . “

In 2020, 720 state officials took leave for the birth or adoption of a child.

Last year, parliamentarians strove to benefit state employees, but legislation stalled as legislative work stopped at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Legislators submitted this to the bill for this year’s legislative session.

This year’s House bill had 29 Republican supporters, including Bernstein and Republican Kirkman Finley, a member of the state legislature. A similar bill in the Senate has three co-sponsors, including State Senator Darrell Jackson (D-Richland) and Katrina Seeley (R-Lexington).

“I’m really happy that House has passed this,” Jackson said. “I wanted the Senate to (do) so far, but we have some work to do and hope that the bill will be enacted by the end of the year.”

Jackson added that confirming the state’s interests would send a message to the private sector to consider policies.

“Some private companies do more,” Jackson said. “Some people do pretty little. I think it’s a great signal for private companies, but I think it starts with state employees.”

The House bill is currently under consideration by the Senate.

Shane Massey, leader of the Senate Majority Party at R-Edgefield, said:

Last March, McMaster said: Support for the proposed policy He says it’s the key to keeping his family strong. He added that paid family leave would help state government labor shortages.

“I wish I could pay more to the state employees,” McMaster told reporters Wednesday. “I wish more people could pay law enforcement. We need to help them as much as possible, and (paid family vacation) is one way we can.”

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