South Carolina Governor Candidate says he will switch parties after a $ 15 wage split

Governor of South Carolina’s Democratic nomination activist Gary Fortour is changing parties.

Votour announced on Monday that it would run on the Governor’s Labor Party ticket after the state Democrats said it wasn’t enough to demand a $ 15 minimum wage. Votour was the first candidate to announce running for Governor for the Democratic nomination.

On his way out of the party, Votour criticized former Congressman Joe Cunningham, who is leading the funding race in the Democratic primary. Cunningham’s vote for a $ 15 minimum wage While in Congress.

“The SC Democratic Party has accepted these positions in its platform, but now by refusing to require all candidate offices operating as Democratic candidates to do so. Has not achieved its goal, “posted Votour. Social media.. “In particular, I’m referring to former House of Representatives Cunningham, who refuses to support a living wage of at least $ 15 an hour for all South Carolinas.”

“By refusing to stick to the issue of this important platform, Mr. Cunningham created a major division within the Democratic Party,” Votour added.

Votour said party leader Trav Robertson refused to ban Cunningham from running for governor because of a possible proceeding.

Robertson told the state on Monday that he was unsure if he had the legal authority to prevent Cunningham from running for governor.

“Gary Fortour is a wonderful person and (and) his heart is in the right place. In fact, he simply wants the best for our state and the people of our country.” Said Robertson. “We wish him good luck. We agree with Gary more than disagreement.”

In a December interview, Mr. Cunningham said he always supported the double-digit minimum wage, but a parliamentary bill he voted against eliminated tip wages that would hurt hospitality workers. Will.

“Member Cunningham hopes he will do his best as Mr. Botur continues his campaign in another party,” said Trevor Maloney, Cunningham’s campaign manager. “In the meantime, Joe is focused on defeating Henry McMaster in November, so he can legalize marijuana, raise teacher wages, and raise the minimum wage to at least $ 12 an hour.”

Votour came out of the Democratic race, Cunningham faces State Senator Mia McLeod, D-Richland.Lives in Florence William H. Williams We are also asking for a nomination.