South Carolina Manhunt suspect Missouri’s murder was detained, Sheriff Chester says

South Carolina police arrested suspects who killed four people and injured others in connection with fatal crimes in South Carolina and Missouri, officials said Monday. It was.

Grant Suskin, a spokesman for the Chester County Sheriff’s Office, said 26-year-old Tyler Donette Terry was detained in Chester County around 10 am.

Neither Terry nor law enforcement officers were injured in the capture, Suskin said.

Other law enforcement officers with Chester and York county agencies supporting the search confirmed to Herald that Terry had been captured.

Officials said Terry was caught near a small town in Richburg near Interstate 77.

Officials said more than 300 police officers were stationed around Terry in the Richburg area until Monday after confirmed sightings. Some roads, including SC 9, remain closed.

Several roads were closed during the search.

The shooting case in which Terry was accused has begun May 2 He was charged with shooting two people With Chester County Kill a man in YorkAccording to the investigator.Missouri police say Terry is a suspect Missouri police said Terry’s car was near the scene.

Police, FBI, ATF, Department of Homeland Security state and federal agents in York County and Chester County were searching for Terry after fleeing during police chase early Tuesday morning.

Tyler Donette Terry

Tyler Donette Terry

Police said Terry was seen in a video allegedly stealing guns and clothes at a Chester store on Wednesday night.

Indicted for two murders and shot with two other suspects

Terry was charged with shooting Thomas Hardin in York on May 2. In that case, Simpson will be charged with murder accessories.

Terry and Simpson were also charged with two separate shootings in Chester on May 2. One occurred on Erich Street and the other on Taco Bell on the JA Cochrane Bypass.

Terry and Simpson are both suspected of the May 15 murder near St. Louis. According to police, a male doctor and a woman were shot dead in separate incidents every hour in Brentwood, a suburb of St. Louis, and University City, Missouri.Shooting is a robbery Missouri Police Terry and Simpson, called “Modern Bonnie and Clyde”.

After police chase last Tuesday, Terry was charged with attempted murder allegedly shooting three Chester lawmakers trying to pull a car. Congressmen returned the fire, but Terry and Simpson were not injured. Congressmen were not hit by shootings.

Terry and Simpson Both were charged with murder on Friday After Simpson’s husband Eugene Simpson was found shot dead South Carolina Law Enforcement Department An agent in a ditch in Chester County on Wednesday night.

Adrian Simpson, a police chase driver, 34, is arrested after the chase and stays in jail.

Witness, blockade during the week

After witnessing Terry, several schools in Chester and York counties were closed last week.

FBI, York County Crimestoppers, and Midlands Crimestoppers offer in combination $ 12,000 reward For information that could lead to the capture of Terry.

This is a developing story. Check for updates.

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