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The House of Representatives may have been temporarily dismissed this week, but the Senate is in full swing.

In the week before the crossover deadline, the Senate spent a very productive week, giving important readings to some bills. This is just a small part of what Congressmen took this week.

Spring break (and COVID-19 break) ends

The· Senate I voted unanimously this week Require all schools to provide face-to-face instruction by April 12 Or at the end of spring break in most districts.

This move came after the previous plan to return students to the classroom was controversial. Earlier this year, some lawmakers and governors urged students to return full-time, but teachers argued that it was not safe to return to the classroom until vaccines were available. ..

South Carolina health officials have since advanced the vaccination timeline, and vaccines are now available to anyone over the age of 15 in the state.

Competition for medical marijuana finish lines

Congressmen return to town on Tuesday, and they’ll be back a bit in the fight against time.

The next two weeks will be particularly busy at the State Capitol. Parliamentarians try to pass the bill and send it to the Chamber of Commerce on the other side in time to defeat what the legislature has voluntarily imposed. April 10 crossover deadline..

Supporting lawmakers Medical marijuana bill It will help those with the most debilitating medical problems prepare this year for the Senate to finally pass the medical marijuana bill.

Senate medical Submitted bill to Senate for voting, Set it for possible discussion.

The question, however, is whether it will pass.

Bill sponsor Senator Tom Davies He says he’s collecting votes and believes that the majority of senators are on his side.

But get ready for the battle for legislation on the floor.

Athletes may be paying in the middle

The· Senate Board of Education Passed a bill that would allow college athletes to be paid For the use of their names, portraits and images.

This move is part of a national promotion that allows college athletes (never reach professionals) to make some money from their infamy.

The bill allows students to seek out and enter into contracts with third parties to receive payment for their use of their name, image, or portrait, either through themselves or on behalf of them. The bill explicitly prohibits students from receiving payments for their athletic performance.

The impetus for South Carolina to pass the bill and put it into effect by July 2022 is partly fueled by concerns that it will bring natural disadvantages to recruitment in states where there is no law permitting compensation for athletes. Has been done.

The bill goes to the Senate floor.

Buzz bite

▪ ▪ Former Deputy Chief of Staff of the White House Mick Mulvaney In a South Carolina-based podcast, former President Donald Trump said he always believed he could eventually become president. But on January 6, when a crowd of Trump-backed riots invaded the Capitol, Trump “failed” at work, He said.

▪ ▪ LynnwoodAn Atlanta-based lawyer publicly upheld the unfounded claim that former President Donald Trump’s widespread fraudulent vote sacrificed his reelection, and he was in the state. Plan to challenge Drew Maxic He heads the Republican Party in South Carolina.

▪ ▪ South Carolina Senator Democrat Aimed to put pressure on Governor Henry McMaster and Republicans who rule the state legislature Deployment Medicaid And get more low-income South Carolinas into health insurance. But Republicans say they aren’t upset.

▪ ▪ South Carolina Senator hesitated and agreed Pre-legislation It helps to seduce the measure California wine maker A distributor to Chester County, adding a few tasting rooms in the state. This is what our competitors have criticized for being unfair.

▪ ▪ If the Legislature Disbands South Carolina Health and Environment Agency Instead of delegating much of its authority to the state’s agricultural institutions, as proposed, it will create a new department to oversee the state’s air and water conservation programs.according to it The latest plan to dissolve the Health and Environmental Management BureauThe giant institution has criticized it for being awkward, bureaucratic, and slow to respond to problems.

▪ ▪ Politico reports that the Democratic Party for the People is considering change Democratic presidential schedule, Put South Carolina Before the calendar.

▪ ▪ Former governor Mark sanford is Participated in lobbying company Shumaker Advisors The Associated Press reported as Executive Vice President and Principal.

▪ ▪ Governor Henry McMaster South Carolina announced Tuesday Establish a free-to-use computer lab with $ 6 million in federal COVID-19 aid State-wide partnership with USC, Benedict College, and Apple.

▪ ▪ Some of the recently passed American rescue plan It may offer better health insurance deals to the unemployed and low-income earners. The plan costs little or no a month.

Mark the calendar

April 10

Parliamentary crossover deadline

April 20-22

State legislature budget week

April 29

Former Vice President Mike Pence Dealing with Colombian South Carolina Conservatives

May 17

New deadline Income tax returns for individual states 2020

Before postponing

Jamie Harrison's April Fool's Joke

Jamie Harrison’s April Fool’s Joke

April Fool.

DNC President and Former Senate Candidate on Notorious Holiday Jamie Harrison He announced that he would run for public office again in 2022.

Harrison is known for raising huge amounts of cash in competition with US Sen. Lindsey Graham, Posted a suspicious link from Democratic funding platform ActBlue.

Harrison immediately posted a follow-up tweet, revealing to those who missed the joke that he was just pulling everyone’s chains.

“Haha! Everyone loves it, except those who didn’t see the special link … Happy April Fool’s Day!” Posted by Harrison.

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