South Dakota Governor Noem wins strong victory with AG dismissal


Pierre, SD (AP) — This Week’s South Dakota Senate Decision Removed Attorney General Jason Lawnsborg Governor Kristi Noem may have blocked his fate, even if some Republican lawmakers supported him, with hard efforts to get rid of his Republicans.

Nome, who became nationally famous within the party and is widely regarded as a candidate for the White House in 2024, began resigning Loansborg within a few days after beating a pedestrian in a car in September 2020. I did. He refused but was dismissed on Tuesday. The Senate convicted a first-term Republican and then unanimously banned him from regaining public office.

Nome urged impeachment through a Republican-controlled parliament and provided decisive support for efforts that sometimes faced very thin voting margins. Her offensive approach offended some lawmakers, but with the expulsion of Lawnsborg, Nome named his successor, discrediting the former adversaries who investigated her, and she was a Republican. Insisted on political independence because he held his peers accountable.

Nome celebrated the impeachment conviction on Twitter on Tuesday, saying the “dark clouds” in the Attorney General’s office had been lifted.

“Now is the time to start regaining trust in the office,” Nome said.

She nominated Marty Jackley, Lone’s Borg’s predecessor, to nominate the Republican Attorney General, but chooses to perform his duties temporarily until the candidate elected in November swears. It is not clear if this is the case. Nome and Jackley launched a bitter primary campaign for the governor in 2018, and their mutual support emerged as a startling development when House evaluated the benefits of impeachment earlier this year.

Nome could wait for the appointment of the Interim Attorney General until after Saturday, when the South Dakota Republican Party decided on candidates for the November election.

A vote for Loansborg in a Republican-controlled senator showed that Senators did not believe in the explanation for his crash. Ravnsborg told the 911 dispatcher on the night of the crash that he might have hit a deer or other big animal, and said he didn’t know he had hit a 55-year-old man named Joseph Boever until he returned to the scene. .. next morning.

Gnome’s support for Loansborg’s dismissal and refusal to resign collapsed the politics of the Republican-dominated state.

Ravnsborg Gently applied pressure Faced with a public call from the governor to resign after taking a “leave of absence” by Nome’s chief of staff three days after the crash, he is motivated to disrupt the political system by conducting an investigation of the governor and allies. With her who showed that it was growing.

In an April letter sent to the House of Representatives on the eve of the impeachment vote, Mr. Lawnsborg said his office “conducted several ongoing investigations into the Governor’s alleged activities and those associated with her. “I have,” he said, not resigning.

Made by Ravnsborg Complaint pair To the state government accountability committee to evaluate ethical complaints against state government officials. The board will meet on Monday to consider whether to investigate both the use of Nome’s national plane to attend political events and her. Interference with state agencies It refused her daughter’s license as a real estate appraiser.

John Schaff, a professor of political science at Northern State University and a careful watcher of the politics of the State Capitol, said:

Even the impeachment proceedings gave Lawnsborg a reason to investigate the gnome circle.When an organization established to facilitate the governor’s proceedings sponsored a sign attacking lawmakers for not supporting the impeachment of Lawnsborg, his The office investigated whether the organization was broken Election funding law.

Prior to the crash, the Attorney General’s office also said that it may possess child pornography, T. T., the wealthiest man in the state. Denny Sanford’s investigation has begun. Nome refused to stay away from Sanford and accepted donations totaling more than $ 100 million on behalf of the state, but Lawnsborg continued to appreciate the accusations against Sanford.

The Last month’s Attorney General’s office He has indicated that he will not pursue state accusations against Sanford.

Timing ranked Republicans who supported Loansborg, noting that Loansborg was forced to take leave until the impeachment trial in the Senate.

“The Denny Sanford case has mysteriously disappeared,” said Republican Speaker Spencer Gosch, who clashed with the governor in the impeachment proceedings.

The governor has sharply criticized some Republicans for advancing the impeachment commission and in 2021 publishing a video of Ravnsborg interviewing a criminal investigator while the trial was pending. received.

“She doesn’t want someone to give in to her will,” said Gosh, who recently lost a major legislature when the governor supported his enemy, Senator Brian Braitling. “It cost South Dakota and the Republican Party.”

A Gosh-supervised House committee recommended the impeachment, but the gnomes were not stopped. Her administration pressured lawmakers to vote for impeachment, and two Republican-controlled Houses passed two impeachment articles in a single vote.

The Senate vote for the first impeachment-the crime that caused Boever’s death-was passed on Tuesday. The Senate convicted him generously in his second indictment and unanimously voted to permanently ban him from holding state positions.

Political science professor Shaf said the vote represents both the “factual victory” brought about by the prosecution and the “political victory” of Nome.

Nick Nemeck, Boever’s cousin who demanded the expulsion of Loansborg in a former Democratic parliament, said he was grateful that Nome fought for the dismissal of Loansborg.

“Gob. Nome is a polarized person,” he said. “I have a lot of things to say and I really disagree with, but I’m glad she’s on our side on this issue.” rice field.