South Korea and Britain Hold First Ministerial-Level Strategic Defense Dialogue

South Korea and the United Kingdom held their first Deputy Minister-level defense strategy dialogue on 18 July to put into practice the bilateral framework adopted by the two governments last month.

According to the South Korean Ministry of Defense, South Korea’s Deputy Defense Minister Shin Bom-chul met with Britain’s Annabel Goldie in London to discuss a deeper cooperation framework.

Mr Goldie said Britain “actively cooperates” with South Korea and the United Nations Security Council to contribute to the achievement of sustainable peace on the Korean Peninsula. statement.

In the parley, Mr Goldie said Britain intends to strengthen its defense cooperation with South Korea. South Korea called it a “strategic partner” in Britain’s efforts to expand its involvement in the Indo-Pacific region.

The two ministers also discussed the security situation of the European and Russian-Ukraine wars. They have agreed to expand cooperation in cybersecurity and revitalize bilateral advisory bodies in the United Kingdom and South Korea for defense cooperation.

Britain and South Korea bilateral framework

The meeting is next Bilateral framework South Korean President Yun Suk-yul and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have agreed to be on the sidelines of the NATO summit held in Madrid on June 30.

Both sides aimed to strengthen cooperation in the areas of politics, security, economics, science, education and culture. They sought to improve the UK-South Korea free trade agreement and strengthen cooperation in the supply chain.

“”[The bilateral framework] It is the foundation of an increasingly close partnership that includes defense, energy and trade, “said the British Prime Minister’s Office. statement.

They urged North Korea to immediately stop North Korea’s “illegal and unstable activities” and urged North Korea to return to denuclearization negotiations.

Prime Minister Yun also met with President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida beside the NATO summit to discuss the need to strengthen “trilateral cooperation” with North Korea.

South Korea has called for a declaration to end the Korean War of 1950-53, which ended with an armistice agreement, in order to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula. But North Korea said it needed to end the US “hostile act” against North Korea before a formal treaty to end the war.

North Korea has launched 18 missiles, including 33 ballistic missiles, since the beginning of this year, and Washington expected to conduct a seventh nuclear test “at any time.”

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