South Korea approves rules regarding App Store law for Apple and Google

Seoul — South Korea is Apple Inc. South Korean telecommunications regulators said Tuesday that major app store operators such as Google and Alphabet have approved detailed rules on the law prohibiting software developers from using payment systems.

South Korea passed a law last year that amends the Telecommunications Business Law.

This was the first such restraint by Apple and Google’s major economies facing global criticism of requiring the use of their own payment system, which charges up to 30%.

A rule called the Enforcement Ordinance will come into effect on March 15. This rule stipulates that “the act of forcing a mobile content provider to use a specific payment method” is prohibited by improperly using the regulatory authority that is the status of the app market operator. The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said in a statement.

“To prevent indirect regulatory evasion, the types and standards of prohibited acts are established as closely as possible within the mandate of the law,” said KCC Chairman Han Sang-hyuk. ..

App market operators who unreasonably delay mobile content reviews or refuse, delay, limit, delete, or block mobile content registration, renewal, or inspection using third-party payment methods for prohibited acts. It is included.

The rule states that a possible fine for a breach is as much as 2 percent of the average annual revenue from the relevant business practices.

Joyce Lee