South Korea returns home with a sailor on a destroyer attacked by a virus

Seoul, South Korea (AP) — South Korea sent military aircraft on Sunday to test all 300 crew members of a Navy destroyer on an anti-piracy mission off the coast of East Africa after nearly 70 people were tested positive for the coronavirus. replace. ..

Joint Chiefs of Staff and Defense Ministry officials said the two transport planes would bring the destroyer Munmu the Great back home with 300 sailors, citing departmental rules and demanding anonymity.

They said 68 seafarers have been positive so far and 200 of the 300 crew members are still pending results.

South Korea has been participating in anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden since 2009. According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about 150 Navy personnel will replace the crew and sail the destroyer towards South Korea. Officials said they plan to replace the ship with another destroyer next month after a six-month shift deployment.

On Sunday, South Korean health officials reported 1,454 new cases, bringing the country’s total to 177,951 and killing 2,057 people.

South Korea recently imposed the strictest distance rules on the populous metropolitan area. Most of the recent incidents have been found here. Authorities are considering stricter restrictions in other areas as well.