South Korean truck driver ends strike after reaching reconciliation with government

The South Korean government responded to the union’s truck driver’s request for a minimum wage guarantee after an eight-day national strike that disrupted the economy.

The Korean Confederation of Democratic Trade Unions (KCTU) said Tuesday that the Freight Tracker Solidarity Union (TruckSol) had decided to end the strike after reaching an agreement with the Ministry of Transport.

“Truck Sol members will suspend strikes and return to work at 16 locations nationwide,” KCTU said. statement.

“TruckSol urges the government and parliament to keep their promises by immediately passing a bill to abolish the Sunset Provision,” he added.

KCTU said the ministry has agreed to extend a secure truck toll system designed to prevent dangerous driving practices and guarantee the lowest freight rates for truckers.

The ministry also promised to continue discussing expansion to other types of freight and to consider expanding fuel subsidies to truck carriers amid rising fuel prices.

“In addition, [Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union-TruckSol] Members returning to work demanded that they should not face retaliation, [Transport Ministry] I promised to actively cooperate with this issue. “

The government said on Monday that a truck driver strike caused more than $ 1.2 billion in production losses and unfilled deliveries to major industrial sectors as the damage spread to Asia’s fourth-largest economy as a whole. I’m estimating.

South Korean President Yun Suk-yul said that cooperative efforts are essential in light of the global economic crisis and supported the ministry’s efforts to reach a reconciliation with the union, Korea Herald. report.

“We are walking on thin ice because of the economic crisis caused by high prices and high interest rates around the world. We all work together for the benefit of all,” Yun told reporters. I think it is necessary. “

Korean strike truck driver
On June 14, 2022, members of the Korea Trade Union Federation’s Cargo Tracker Solidarity will meet in front of the shipping port of Gwangyang, South Korea. (Kim Dong Joo / AP)

Since June 7, thousands of truck drivers have been protesting the minimum wage guarantee. Claim Soaring fuel prices threaten their lives. About 7,050 truck drivers strike on Monday.

The union said Monday that it was considering blocking the shipment of coal to the power plant after four futile negotiations with the government.

The strike has also affected the global chip supply chain. According to the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), the strike has blocked the shipment of key materials used in semiconductor manufacturing to China.

Also, according to the Korea Automakers Association, between June 8th and June 11th, Korean automakers suffered a production loss of 5,400 cars, and Hyundai Motor reduced production on some assembly lines. did.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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