South Texas Butterfly Sanctuary closed indefinitely due to QAnon’s plot, threat escalating

National Butterfly Center

National Butterfly Center Sae Yamamoto Cordero / AFP / Getty Images

The Texas Mission National Butterfly Center was closed indefinitely on Wednesday after years of wild QAnon conspiracy theories and the heightened threat of violence. , ” Texas Tribune Report..

At any given time, hundreds of butterflies pass through a non-profit reserve 20 years ago. the Houston Chronicle Report.. “Birds from all over the country visit shelters to observe and take pictures of birds unique to the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Thousands of local school children make excursions to the center each year.”

In 2017, the National Butterfly Center sued the Trump administration as follows: Boundary wall block construction Through that property. Two years later, “We build a wall” Chief Brian Corphege He posted a photo of a doctor at the Dock in the Butterfly Sanctuary, claiming that it was used to transport immigrants and trafficking. (Kolfage Prosecuted later Allegedly Abuse of funds for In the neighborhood Crowdfunding border wall. )

Right-wing conspirators have falsely claimed that the National Butterfly Center has been involved in sexual trafficking and other crimes since 2019, threatening Managing Director Marianna Trevinolite. Former Texas Congressman Aaron Penha, R, said she could be targeted before the “We Stand America” ​​border guard rally in McAllen last weekend, “always or armed outside the town. I told her that I should. the Tribune Report..

Virginia Legislature candidate Kimberly Row arrived at the center on 21 January, demanding access to the river and allowing Trevinolite “children sexually trafficked, raped and killed.” I blamed him. the Chronicle Report.. After Treviño-Wright told Lowe to leave, Lowe worked on her, says Treviño-Wright.

Rowe disagrees with the explanation of Treviño Wright’s case, but after news of the quarrel spread, “WeStand America” ​​banned her from McAllen’s case. Rowe said he spent $ 2,500 on a “Diamond VIP” ticket that included a private border tour with featured guest Michael Flynn. QAnon favorites, When Former Acting ICE Chief Thomas Homan.. “I can’t believe the people who were supposed to be on my side of the aisle canceled me.” Rowe said Chronicle..

Jeffrey Glassberg, founder of the North American Butterfly Conservation Society, the parent organization of the Butterfly Sanctuary, Said Tribune “It is incredibly disastrous for the United States to be in a state where the really important parts of its people are no longer tied to reality.”

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