Southern Alberta Town Council votes against alcohol ban at the end of the century

The council of a town in southern Alberta, which has been dry for over a century, voted against a motion to allow restaurants to serve alcohol.

Six of the seven councilors in the town of Raymond, about 240 kilometers south of Calgary, amend the Articles of Incorporation after showing that more than half of the town’s residents who responded to the survey did not agree with the change. I voted against the motion.

Raymond’s chief administrative officer, Curtis Pratt, said 462 of the 890 residents who participated were in favor of not allowing restaurants to serve alcohol, no matter how useful it was to the local economy. rice field.

He says that means Raymond will continue to ban alcohol services at any facility.

There are no liquor stores in the 4,000 towns, but you can buy and drink at home in nearby areas.

You can get a temporary license to serve alcohol at weddings and special occasions.

Canadian press