Southwest Airlines employees hospitalized after a passenger attack in Dallas

Southwest Airlines employees were assaulted by passengers after a “verbal quarrel” Saturday afternoon, the airline said.

The incident occurred while boarding Southwest Flight 4976 from Dallas Love Field to LaGuardia Airport in New York.

According to the Dallas Police Department, passengers boarded the plane at around 12:40 pm and headed straight back. There she discussed with a flight attendant who instructed the passengers to leave the plane.

According to police, the passenger walked in front of the plane, verbally fought another employee in the southwest, and then hit him in the head.

Police arrested passengers facing on suspicion of weighted assault.

Victims identified only by Southwest Airlines as operating agents have been taken to a local hospital and are in stable condition, police said.

In an email statement, an airline spokesman said, “We have a stationmaster with her in the hospital, and with the full support of her Southwestern family, our thoughts, prayers, And I’m sending love. ” “Southwest Airlines maintains a zero-tolerance policy for all types of harassment and assault and works with local governments in this unacceptable case to fully support our employees.”

Earlier this year, passengers beat a flight attendant in the southwest on a May 23 flight from Sacramento, California to San Diego.flight attendant Lost two teeth According to court documents, there were other injuries on her face.

The incident showed an escalation of uncontrollable behavior by airline passengers, and the chairman of the flight attendant union began demanding an increase in the Federal Air Marshal Service’s staff on the plane.

“Unprecedented numbers of incidents have reached intolerable levels and passenger breach events have become inherently aggressive,” said Limmont Gomery, chairman of the Transport Workers Union of America Local 556, to Southwest Airlines CEO in May. I am writing in a letter. Gary Kelly.

according to Federal Aviation AdministrationSince the beginning of the year, all airlines have reported at least 5,114 unruly passengers, compared to 183 surveys in 2020, and the FAA launched more than 970 surveys in 2021. ..