Southwest Airlines passengers dance and cheer when a couple accused of refusing to wear masks is thrown out of the plane

Southwest Airlines flights

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 passengers are lined up to disembark after arriving at Hobby Airport in Houston on March 20, 2021. Charlie Riedel / AP

  • The TikTok video shows a woman arguing with a flight attendant about not complying with her obligations to wear a mask.

  • Southwest Airlines flight passengers can hear their ridicule and ridicule.

  • When the woman and her partner are escorted from the plane, the people on the plane cheer and dance.

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The TikTok video shows the entire plane applauding and cheering after the couple was escorted from a Southwest Airlines flight. Newsweek report.

In a video shared by user Brendan Edler, a woman can be seen arguing with the crew.

Carefully shot footage from three rows behind begins in the middle of the discussion.

The dispute revolves around passengers who refuse to comply with the COVID-19 Safety Protocol without wearing a mask.

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Note that the woman is wearing a mask at the beginning of the clip.

But their reaction on the plane suggests that this was not the case before.

The unidentified woman claims she did not violate the rules. “I obeyed,” the woman tells the flight attendant. “Did you say I didn’t obey and put on my mask when you asked me?”

Shortly thereafter, the woman accused the flight attendant of not telling the truth. “You are a liar and you need to live with it,” she said.

People in flight then begin to heck the women and say goodbye to them.

One shouts, “Goodbye.”

Another person shouts, “Get off the plane.”

I hear someone saying, “If you don’t say I’m sorry, this will happen.”

The woman then stands up, shows her middle finger to the people on the plane, and leaves with her travel companions.

The rest of the passengers appear to be delighted and a woman is beginning to dance.

Insiders contacted the Southwest for details of the incident. The airline said it provided information on the mask wearing policy, although there is no further detail on the situation.

A Southwest Airlines spokeswoman said, “Federal law requires Southwest Airlines to wear masks for all persons over the age of two during flight, including when boarding and getting off the plane. “. “We communicate our obligation to cover our faces to all our customers with multiple touchpoints while traveling.”

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