Southwest cuts 2,300 flights as schedule continues to be disrupted

DALLAS (AP) — Southwest Airlines continued to emerge from persistent schedule disruptions on Thursday after winter storms overwhelmed its operations days ago, canceling an additional 2,350 flights.

The Dallas airline has admitted that it has inadequate and outdated operational techniques that can throw crews out of position when bad weather strikes.

Southwest Airlines was the only airline not to recover from storm-related delays that began over the weekend when snow, ice and high winds rake parts of the country.

As is the case every day this week, Southwest Airlines accounted for the majority of the nationwide cancellations.

According to the FlightAware tracking service, 2,451 flights were canceled in the US by noon on Thursday, with 2,357 flights on southwest routes, or about 58% of the total schedule.

Airlines warn that cancellations will last for days.

The federal government is investigating what happened in the Southwest, with total cancellations surpassing 10,000 earlier in the week.

southwest Added page to website Especially for stranded travelers, thousands of customers remain unable to reach airlines.