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60 minutes’dishonest DeSantis hit job

There is no more accurate way to describe last night’s 60 Minutes segment of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a political blow job. It was slander, slander, a calculated deliberate slander devised for one purpose and only one purpose. It darkened a scandal in which nothing existed, thereby damaging DeSantis after 2022. Americans who tuned to 60 Minutes yesterday have less information than they did before the show. The “problem” that 60 Minutes seems to have emphasized is that the Florida government used the popular grocery chain Publix to help distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, which gave $ 100,000 to the re-election of Governor DeSantis last year. It was a donation and a combination of the two. Represents quid proquo. This claim is seemingly ridiculous. Publix is ​​not only Florida’s largest and most widely trusted grocery chain, but most of Florida’s 831 stores have facilities that Florida citizens are accustomed to getting flu shots. There is a well-equipped pharmacy. It would have been surprising if Publix wasn’t one of the key players in the state’s efforts, regardless of other logistical considerations. It’s true that Publix recently gave $ 100,000 to a bid for the re-election of Governor of Ron DeSantis. It’s also true that we donated $ 1 million to the Progressive Urban League last year and $ 100,000 to the state Democratic campaign in 2018. Believing that there is a link between this day-to-day behavior and the decisions made during the unexpected pandemic of the first century is to push yourself to the limit. Producers of 60 Minutes know this. That’s why I edited some of Governor DeSantis’s answers that undoubtedly explain why Publix was chosen for that role. In the problematic segment, CBS’s Haryn Alfonsi can be seen asking DeSantis: “As you know, Publix donated $ 100,000 to the campaign and gave them the exclusive right to distribute the vaccine at Palm Beach. Why doesn’t it pay for play?” But DeSantis Only the first response is fully shown. What was deliberately missing from the governor’s comment was his detailed answer showing how distribution systems in Florida generally work, especially how Publix slotted into it. did.In the unbroadcast part, DeSantis says: First of all, the first pharmacy I had [the vaccine] They went to a care facility because they were CVS and Walgreens and they had a care mission. They were vaccinated in mid-December and began going to care facilities for LTC in the third week of December. That was their mission, it was very important and we trusted them. Since January has begun, I wanted to expand the distribution points. Yes, you had a county, some drive-through sites, some hospitals doing a lot, but we wanted to get it into the community more. So I contacted another retail pharmacy. Publix, Walmart, apparently CVS and Walgreens said they had to finish their mission and would use you as soon as it was done. None of this was obvious to the 60-minute viewer. The show was unaware that CVS and Walgreens were the first to get the vaccine. He did not explain the difference between a long-term care strategy and a larger population strategy. There is no mention that Wal-Mart was also used to deliver vaccines to the general public. It does not mention the work DeSantis has done to extend the state’s efforts to the minority community. And decisively, it didn’t make it clear that the reason Publix was so prominent in the second phase of vaccination was that it was the first grocery chain ready. Instead, the show never crossed and picked up two facts that pretended to be causal. There is one word for such an act, but it is not “journalism.” The terrible dishonesty was the 60 Minutes attempt, which was blamed on Twitter by the director of the Florida Emergency Management Agency shortly after it aired. “I said this before, and I say it again,” wrote Jared Moskowitz. “Publix was recommended by FLSERT [State Emergency Response Team] And Healthy Fla [Florida Department of Health] Because the other pharmacies weren’t ready to start. Limit! end! No one in the governor’s office suggested Publix. It’s an absolute maller key. Please note that Moskowitz is not an ideological ally of Governor DeSantis. On the contrary, he described himself as “progressive” and served as a Democrat in the Florida State Assembly until 2019, performing various duties for Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, and Barack Obama. .. His father, Michael, is one of the state’s top Democratic fundraiser. However, unlike the producer of 60 Minutes, Jared Moskowitz is not a liar. Alas, he is fighting the tide. The 60 Minutes lies are washed and repeated in millions of people across the country until they are customarily called “facts.” In that state, they join the frequently recurring lie that Florida is “cooking a book,” but that’s not the case. From the moment the pandemic began, mainstream press wrote about Florida as something other than a mysterious, divinely abandoned backwater that, by itself, somehow managed to overcome this crisis. Prove that you can’t. Despite Florida being the fourth most populous destination in the country and a destination of choice for young people, it doesn’t seem to matter that it ranks in the middle of deaths. Also, many commentators don’t seem to care much about doing this while Florida remained largely open. There was a real, verifiable, and uncovered scandal elsewhere. The most populous state of the union is recalling the governor over the COVID response. Or, when the 60 Minutes segment was run, it was Michigan, not Florida, that was at stake. In part, this ingenious imaginative failure was the product of a false reputation that Florida enjoyed among certain types of cynical Asera Corridor journalists. Bubbling under the surface of all the press last year didn’t have adorable meaning. Something tricky must be happening. Last night, 60 Minutes made it clear. But in the end, it wasn’t Desantis who was playing the game with the truth. It was CBS.