SpaceX continues to sprint towards the goal of its first Starship orbital test in July



Although both the launch pad, launch pad, fuel supply field, Starship and the lower-level rocket Superheavy are still rushing to work, none of them are completed, SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell is still confident about its test schedule.according to CNBC According to reports, Shotwell stated in an online international space development conference that the company is still planning Starship’s first orbital flight with “July as the goal.” Although she knows the many challenges ahead, SpaceX has already orbited. “On the edge”.

If it is what Musk, who has always been overly optimistic about his schedule, said, the credibility is of course a discount. However, Shotwell has never been a whisperer. If she said that the goal is still in July, then SpaceX really has It may be achieved. At present, all the elements required for Starship’s orbital flight, including the aforementioned launch pad and launch pad, are all in parallel. Although the progress is different, it seems that it is really possible to complete within July, especially the first An orbital flight did not have any plans to recover the rocket, so in fact, only the launch pad and fuel supply are necessary components.

However, even if the Starship is fully assembled and is already on the launch pad, there are still two major hurdles to pass. The first is that Superheavy has as many as 28 (or 29) Raptor engines. SpaceX is bound to install all engines on Superheavy and conduct ignition tests before the first flight. If there is an abnormal engine performance, SpaceX will have to replace it and test it again. It is not easy to say whether the whole process will go smoothly. Furthermore, the launch still needs to be approved by the government. Even if SpaceX’s own internal schedule is too fast, the government’s procedures will not necessarily be able to speed up. Even if July is the goal, whether it can be achieved is still a bit delicate.

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