SpaceX Inspiration 4 mission returns safely from orbit


SpaceX capsules for the world’s first all-private orbit crew to fly from Florida

(Reuters)-The newly cast civilian astronaut quartet that makes up the SpaceX Inspiration 4 mission successfully flew into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida on Saturday for three days for the first all civilian crew to be launched into Earth orbit. Completed the flight. The SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule, called Resilience, parachuted into the calm waters around 7 pm just before sunset. After the automatic re-entry descent, SpaceX displayed during a live webcast on the YouTube channel. Within an hour, four smiling crew members were seen appearing one by one from the side hatch of the capsule. After that, the outside of the vehicle appeared to be charred and was lifted from the sea to the deck of the SpaceX recovery vessel.