SpaceX may continue to fund Ukrainian satellite services

NEW YORK — Billionaire Elon Musk suggested in a tweet on Saturday that his rocket company SpaceX may continue to fund Ukraine’s satellite-based Starlink internet service. But Musk’s tone and language also raised the possibility that his CEO of Tesla was simply being sarcastic.

Musk frequently posts jokes on Twitter and sometimes takes unusual twists, such as a recent series of tweets suggesting that one of his companies has started selling its own fragrance. It is not clear if SpaceX has actually established plans for future services in Ukraine.

Providing broadband internet service using more than 2,200 low-orbit satellites, Starlink has provided critical battlefield communications for the Ukrainian military since the early days of the defense against Russia’s February invasion.

“Starlink continues to give free money to the Ukrainian government while other companies are still losing billions of dollars in taxpayers,” Musk wrote on Twitter on Saturday. rice field.

Early Friday morning, Musk wrote on Twitter that it costs SpaceX $20 million a month to support communications needs in Ukraine. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Associated Press