Spain is ready to welcome British tourists from Monday

Spain said non-essential trips from the UK and Japan will be allowed from Monday as the European Union is expected to decide whether to add the country to the block’s “safety list”.

In a press release (pdfThe Spanish Ministry of Interior, announced on Friday, said the two countries would be added to the list of destinations unaffected by the temporary restrictions on non-mandatory travel to the EU.

The Interior Ministry said some EU member states have already privileged Japan and the UK, and British tourists play an important role in the Spanish economy.

The rule change was also discussing whether the EU would remove restrictions on travel from the UK and Japan to Brock, noting that the change is likely to be approved.

“We are delighted to welcome British tourists back to our country,” said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez at the Fitur Tourism Fair in Madrid, according to a Spanish newspaper. El País..

However, many British tourists are still unable to book a vacation to Spain, as Spain is still on the UK Government’s “Amber List”.

Portugal, Spain’s neighbor, is currently the only EU destination on the UK’s “green list” and accepts British tourists domestically.

British ministers have urged the public not to go to countries on the amber list on holidays because they are “patients” because the government is adopting a “common sense” approach instead of legal regulation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said people should not travel to countries on the amber list, except in “extreme situations such as serious family illness” or “urgent business reasons.”

There is no law prohibiting vacations in Spain, but vacationers can pay for three CCP virus tests and be quarantined at home for 10 days after returning home or fined up to £ 10,000 ($ 14,200). ..

As the UK resumed non-essential overseas travel on Monday A handful of countries and regions It was listed on the “Green List” of the traffic light system.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps told BBC Radio 4 Thursday that the government is reviewing the list every three weeks, with the next review taking place in the first week of June.

In 2019, the UK sent 18 million people to Spain. Spain is the most abundant country in any country. Tourism is the center of the Spanish economy.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.