Spanish law teacher shares pen cheating system used by students: “What an art!”


A law professor shared on Twitter part of a sophisticated pen-based cheating system used by one of his students.

cheating is back in the news Pandemic as remote learning We made it easy for students to look up exam answers.

But the system, revealed by Yolanda De Lucchi, a professor of law at the University of Malaga, relied on face-to-face exams and required delicate craftsmanship to succeed.

She finds a pen confiscated from a student, system for cheating what she called “art”. The student carved test notes into the plastic of her BIC pen.

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Ironically, the class was for “Criminal Procedure”. Lucki did not disclose how he caught the student or when the misconduct took place.


The student had replaced the graphite lead in his mechanical pencil with a needle so he could write and write with 11 pens. his test notesaccording to Twitter user Gonzo, who claimed to have learned the trick from the students themselves.

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“The beginning of each topic/folio was identified starting where it says BIC,” Gonzo writes. “Notice that the tip of the pen is painted black (the ink never reaches the end with the BIC pen). This is to give a better contrast with the black.”

He said students still have a lot of pens at home, and posted some examples, as well as pencils used to write in pen tubes.


Gonzo also said the students would identify themselves. Brewery CruzcampoFounded in Seville.