Spanish police disband Chinese prostitution ring after tip

Madrid — Spanish police have broken the trafficking circle that drives Chinese women into prostitution in Spain.

The gang approached a Chinese woman and promised to do a high-paying job in Europe, police chief Carlos Rio-Miranda Iglesias said Tuesday.

Each woman paid the gang 8,000-10,000 euros (9,100-11,400 dollars). However, after being flown to Spain, they were said to have been in debt to the gang, placed in an unsanitary condition in the apartment and forced to work as a 24-hour prostitute, Rio Miran Daigresias. Speaked at a press conference.

He said the gang robbed the woman’s passport and anyone who opposed the gang’s request was taken medicine.

The apartments were located in Madrid, the capital of Spain, and in the cities of Zaragoza and Bilbao in northern Spain.

Police acted on a tip-off and arrested 63 people, including 60 Chinese citizens, two Spaniards, and Pakistanis.

The true boss of the gang is believed to be in China, but police said it was a Chinese woman who was allegedly the mastermind in Spain.

Associated Press