Speed ​​skating champions choose sportsmanship over Olympic medals

Beijing (AP) — Kaiferbai became world champion in speed skating at 1,000 meters.

The Dutch star really liked his chance Win a medal Friday’s Beijing Olympics.

But with just a moment of sportsmanship, Verbij lost his chance to stand on the podium.

In fact, he died at the end.

Verbij retreated on the final crossover straight, knowing he wasn’t fast enough to stand in front of Laurent du Bruille in Canada.

Rather than risking a collision, Verbij jumped out of the crouching of the race and slowed down, so he stayed away from Dubreil, who zippered to win the silver medal.

Verbij coasted to the finish line as he had no chance of winning a medal. He was more than three and a half seconds behind Austin Kleba, the penultimate finisher in the United States.

“It’s pretty sad that we couldn’t set the right time,” Verbij said. “But Laurent skated really, really fast on the first 600. That can happen. After the second inner, I feel there’s enough speed to get in front of him on a lane change. I didn’t. So I had to quit. Otherwise I would have been disqualified and probably ruined his race. “

In speed skating, the 400-meter oval inner lane covers a shorter distance than the outer lane, so the competitor must change the lane just behind each full lap.

Skaters from the outer lane to the inner lane are prioritized and there is usually no problem switching.

However, Dubreuil, whose best race is 500, entered very fast. It even left him Verbij when they left the penultimate turn.

Instead of trying dangerous moves, Verbij gave way to his competitors.

“I can’t say I’m thankful enough to him,” Dubreuil said. “It was a really professional and classy move. He’s a friend, so if he gets over it — I’ll give him some time — I’m definitely grateful to him.”

“It’s a shame to be tied up with 250 people,” Dubreuil said.

“I went faster at 600 than I’ve ever done,” said a Canadian skater. “I was ahead of my race plan.”

Verbij, who finished sixth out of 1,000 at the 2018 Pyeongchang Games, had high hopes for his first Olympic medal in Beijing.

But when he looked at the start list, he knew that due to Dubreuil’s fast speed, there might be a problem with the final switch. Verbij, on the other hand, is much stronger on the final lap.

“It’s not the first time it happened to me, but of course it’s not the Olympics. It’s pretty sad. I’m pretty disappointed, but I think someone had to lose.”

Another Dutch skater, Thomas Krol, Robbed money At the Ice Ribbon Arena.

Kroll lamented that his teammates didn’t have the opportunity to show what they could do.

“He’s my best friend, so it’s really sad to see this happen,” Kroll said. “He was certainly on the road to winning medals. I was really rooting for him and wanted him to be on the podium with me.

“I’m really sorry for him. My heart hurts.”


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