Spokesperson Biden stopped calling to remove Thomas-Greenfield over “white supremacist” remarks

United Nations Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield spoke of the history of racism in the United States, saying that “the original sin of slavery has incorporated white supremacism into our founding documents and principles.”

Right-wing media criticizes UN ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield Comment on the American Racist Foundation.

Thomas Greenfield talked about the history of American racism in a recent pastoral appearance. Al sharpton2021 Virtual Convention of National Action Network. Ambassador’s comments were originally recorded and played this week.

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“We have to admit that we are an imperfect union and exist from the beginning,” she said. “I have seen for myself how the original sin of slavery incorporated white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.”

She touched her background.

“I personally experienced one of America’s greatest flaws. Our people who experience racism, despite the potential impact it has on our daily lives, Racism cannot and should not be internalized. Racism is a problem of racists, and it is a social problem that creates racists, and today In the world of, it’s all society, “she added.

Her words urged reporters during the White House briefing to ask if she would be removed from her position. Newsmaxof Emerald Robinson Asked if he was president Joe Biden “I’m trying to get her out of her position” because of her comment.She compared the comments with the anti-American rhetoric made by Chinese diplomat In Alaska last month.

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Senate Foreign Relations Committee Considers Linda Thomas-Greenfield's Nomination as UN Ambassador

Linda Thomas-Greenfield heard about her nomination for UN Ambassador in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 27, 2021 at Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. (Photo by Michael Reynolds-Pool / Getty Images)

But White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki On Friday he confirmed that he would not, and Thomas Greenfield confirmed that he was more than qualified.

“As a UN ambassador, does the president intend to eliminate African-American women who have decades of experience in the world’s most respected Foreign Affairs Department? He is not,” Pusaki said. Said.

“He’s proud that she’s in that position. Not only is she qualified, he believes she’s the right person for the role at the moment,” she added. It was. “I have never seen her comment. There is no doubt that the country has a history of institutional racism and does not need a UN ambassador to confirm it.”

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Social media users used Twitter to praise Pusaki’s quick and remarkable response. Obviously, I agree that there are nasty and dark racists in America that we are still working on today.

“Our country was built in slave labor. Slaves could not vote. Slaves were not considered perfect humans. It took until the 1950s to begin the progress of civil rights. Yes, our country and the founding of our country were based on whites. Supreme Principle Pusaki is very good, “said one user.

“Slavery is in the Constitution. Blacks are counted as three-fifths of whites. Yes, racism is literally” woven into our founding documents, “added another.

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