Spotify also has its own voice assistant




Spotify has added its ownvoice assistant, Allowing users to just say “Hey, Spotify” with their mouths, and then they can call up the songs and playlists they want to listen to. If you want to use this voice assistant, you only need to press the original search function and authorize Spotify to use the microphone of the device.

according to GSMArena Reported by Spotify onPrivacy PolicySome of them wrote that they will only store the collected sounds and translations in the device, so you can use it with confidence. Smart friends have probably guessed that Spotify, the voice assistant, can only be used in the app, unlike Siri and Google Assistant, which are system-level functions.And to put it bluntly, the function of Spotify is more like a search function that can be activated by voice, but it also seems to be forRumored Spotify’s car system Car Thing Pave the way, but there is still no news when it will be launched.

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