Spotify’s flagship podcast, Joe Rogan Experience, has mysteriously disappeared from the streaming platform twice in a week.

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“Joe Rogan Experience” disappeared from the Spotify episode catalog on Friday and Monday.VivianZink / Syfy / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

  • Joe Rogan’s podcast disappeared from Spotify’s catalog on Monday and Friday.

  • According to the LA Times, the first outage caused speculation that Logan had been removed from the fans.

  • According to Spotify, the first incident was due to a technical issue, but it doesn’t support the outage on Monday.

Spotify’s top podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, has disappeared twice within a week from mobile apps and websites on streaming platforms, some media reported.

All episodes of Logan’s podcast were not accessible on Monday morning, Independent first reportedBut it was back online as of Monday night.

The popular show also disappeared temporarily last Friday, but Spotify said it was affected by several other podcasts at the time and blamed technical issues. Rolling Stone reported. There was speculation among fans that Logan was blocked from the platform due to the lack of an hour. The Los Angeles Times reported.

Spotify hasn’t disclosed why the podcast went down for the second time, but the outage occurred a few weeks after Rogan was controversial. Disseminate false information on COVID-19 And it became the center of discussion about freedom of speech on the platform.

Musicians Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are both on Spotify Delete their music From the platform in protest of Logan’s comment. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek Defending Logan, he said his platform wouldn’t silence his former “Fear Factor” host, adding that “cancelling voice is a slippery slope.”

“Joe Rogan Experience” signed Spotify’s exclusive rights in May 2020. New York Times Worth $ 200 million.

Spotify didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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