Spotify’s Noteable Releases playlist brings the producers behind pop music to the front of the screen


Spotify Noteable Releases

Spotify Noteable Releases

Spotify’s two most powerful tools at the moment are its two playlists, “Weekly New Discoveries” and “Release Radar”, which are automatically generated every week. The former is to infer your favorite music based on the music you have listened to. Genre, to find similar music; the latter is based on the artists you care about, to find their recently released new works. And this week, Spotify has added two new features to help you get in touch with more music.

“What’s New”It’s somewhat similar to Release Radar. It’s the artists you follow to discover new works, but this time it’s not presented in the form of a playlist that is updated once a week. Instead, it’s a collection of the latest trends of the artists you follow on one page. And as long as the artist updates the content, there will be a small bell on it to notify you. Release Radar was originally one of Spotify’s most played playlists, and it is also the main channel for many lesser-known artists who cannot access the playlists selected by Spotify to show their fans. Now with What’s New, you can present your new work to fans at any time without being restricted by weekly updates.

Spotify What's new

Spotify What’s new

“Noteable Releases”It is a playlist selected by Spotify, but its focus is not on the singer, but on the producer, lyricist, and composer behind the song. This allows listeners to discover more connections between songs, and put the artists who are often buried under the aura of singers behind the pop music in front of the screen. Spotify also reminds that you can find three small dots on the right of each song. Click on “Show Participants” (show provider) to see other creators and producers of the song. People.