Spotify’s Wear OS app now supports direct streaming to the watch and downloading

Spotify Smart Watch


As Samsung yesterday announced the new Wear OS watch Galaxy Watch 4 series in cooperation with Google, Spotify also announced that it will significantly upgrade the Wear OS app.This basically followed upThe steps of the corresponding Apple Watch app, Brings the function of directly streaming music or even downloading into the watch without using a mobile phone.

exist Spotify’s blog, The company stated that Spotify users will be able to “play their favorite playlists, albums, and podcasts on Wear OS watches”, and “With Spotify on your wrist, you will be able to jog, dance, and dance more freely. Cooking and socializing, and at the same time can control your music or Podcast playback.” In addition, Spotify also disclosed the download function at the same time, allowing users to download favorite music and Podcasts to smart watches for offline enjoyment.

The update will come to Fossil, Mobvoi, Suunto and other company products, of course, there are also the latest Samsung watches. However, Spotify’s description states that it requires a “Wear OS 2.0 or above” version, so maybe some old watches can also be updated. Once installed, you only need to pair the headset with the watch, and then you can bypass the phone and stream music or Podcast directly from the watch. As for the downloaded part, there will be a small green arrow next to the item, indicating that the track can be listened to offline. Spotify stated that the new version will be rolled out gradually in the “coming weeks.”