Sprint Queen Thompson-Hella looks to the women’s 100M record for many years

Elaine Thompson Hera, Queen of the Sprint, Lausanne, Switzerland, says she aimed to break the long-standing 100-meter record for women.

The Jamaicans won gold medals in both the 100m and 200m at the Tokyo Olympics last month, but made a bigger statement over the weekend at Eugene’s Prefontaine Classic, the second fastest 100m in history at a blazing speed of 10.54 seconds. I ran. ..

It brought her closer to the long-untouched 10.49 world record of Florence Griffith Joyner, set at the 1988 US Olympic Trials in Indianapolis. This could be even more threatened if the Diamond League circuit continues in Lausanne on Thursday.

“A few years ago I was asked if I could break that record, and I said it wasn’t possible,” Thompson-Hella said at a press conference Wednesday.

“But when I run 10.54, it means it’s within reach, so it means anything is possible.”

Thompson Hella replays his rivalry with Jamaica’s Shelly-Ann Fraser Price. She finished second in Tokyo and Oregon on Saturday.

“Elaine is much closer than I am,” Fraser Price laughed when asked about the record.

“It’s good to be able to challenge a record that women have long thought was impossible to break, which speaks to the evolution of sprints,” she added.

“It’s really worth noting to be able to participate in or have that conversation. I think Lausanne is a very good course. I just got off the plane in 2019 and ran 10.7.”

34-year-old Fraser Price warned her young rival that Thursday’s race was not a natural conclusion, despite the shape of Thompson Hera.

“I’m definitely not running the best race yet. I’m working on different phases of the race. Hopefully I can put it together.

“Every time I step into the track I want to win, I’ve always said that it’s my goal to get there.”

“It’s exciting for you as an athlete, not only for the crowd, but also for you as an athlete, to ensure that the women you know set a fast time,” she added.


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