Stacey Abrams deserves more

Stacey Abrams confirmed Tuesday night that she had beaten Brian Kemp in the gubernatorial race in Georgia. Some people seemed to gloss over the issue as an “okay” situation, but I think Abrams deserves better.

woman, myth, legend

For years Stacey Abrams has been at work. Abrams was at the forefront of the revolutionary movement for the longest time. When she wasn’t making history in some way, she was giving many Black women reason to be proud of her blend of Blackness and femininity. In a world full of racism, Abrams made many black women feel like superheroes. The relationship between black women and politics is fraught with controversy and pressure. Still, Abrams’ presence dissolved it when she became a pioneering face of the Democratic Party and an advocate for the fight against voter suppression.

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In recent elections, Abrams has again conceded to the opposition, but it’s not the first time she’s lost an election to Kemp. In 2018, Abrams also lost to Kemp. Although she seemed to have considerable momentum, CNN coverage Public dissatisfaction with the Democrats so far.


The focus of Abrams’ campaign centered around the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court issue and its recent overthrow over the summer. The issue has been at the forefront of her campaign, and throughout her political activism, she has stressed the importance of women having the freedom to choose themselves. We continue to be pioneers through perseverance. Like many black women who have done tremendous work to listen to the workforce, Abrams has also worked and worked hard to make a difference.She deserves more.In many ways, black women feels like they have to work ten times harder, and in a perfect world, that effort and advocacy would certainly pay off.