Staff Smoke, Ashley Judd Cries As Time’s Up Pink Slip Almost Everyone

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Most Time outThe rest of the staff were fired on Friday and explained the blunder that began with the leader revealing that he had provided the news. Washington post First, board member Ashley Judd ended up in tears.

NS Embarrassed organizationAnnounced on Friday that it will dismiss the majority of the remaining staff, stumbling since the CEO and the entire board resigned this summer. Leadership notified staff of the decision at a virtual meeting that started 15 minutes ago. director paper I made the pink check into national news.

“They said on the phone,’ Washington post Stacey Ferguson, Digital Director of Time’s Up, said: “Some staff said,’Oh my god, mom’s going to read about it before I talk to her.'”

“In other words, what my colleagues shared over the phone, this feels the opposite for an organization that is supposed to defend a fair and dignified workplace,” Ferguson added.

Insiders say #MeTooPowerhouse Time’s Up got lost

In a statement, the board called the layoffs the “major reset” needed to correct the ship after last year’s events. During the summer, several media outlets accused Time’s Up leaders, created in response to the #MeToo movement, advised then-Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York on how to respond to his sexual harassment allegations. Reported that he looked down on him. Text message.

Both CEOs Tina Chen And board chair Robert Takaplan He resigned in August, appointing former CFO Monifa Bandele as interim CEO and hiring consultant Leilani Brown to begin the process of conducting an independent review. Brown’s report, also published Friday, discovered a lack of discipline, a loss of trust, and “great expectations without a stable foundation for growth.”

In a statement announcing the results of the layoffs and the report, Chairman of the Board Gabriel Sultsburger called them “necessary resets, not withdrawals.”

“TIME’SUP represents accountability and systematic change in the workplace,” she said. “It is our duty to learn from these findings and focus on building an organization that will strongly serve women of all kinds and end the immunity from sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.”

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Gabrielle Sulzberger

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A staff member who spoke to The Daily Beast said he was confused as to why this “reset” required the dismissal of all staff on the ground. Meanwhile, three of the organization’s top-ranked members, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Development Officer, and Entertainment Officer — stay to “rebuild”.

“Most of us weren’t on the leadership team when the Cuomo incident happened, but we were punished for the organization’s past actions,” said one employee who wanted to remain anonymous. rice field.

“Once again, Time’s Up prioritizes the interests of the organization over its staff,” she added. “We are clearly collateral damage to all of this.”

The staff said they learned their fate primarily through a 1:00 pm zoom call led by Sultsburger and board member Judd.why Washington post He was informed about the decision in front of the staff and why employees would receive a severance pay of only two months during the pandemic. One staff member explained to The Daily Beast that he “slaps his face.” (A Time’s Up spokesman told The Daily Beast that the retirement package was “generous” for small nonprofits.)

At one point, one staff member said Judd began to cry, saying he was “crazy” about the news.

“Be careful, she has already made a statement [to the Washington Post] With information that the staff couldn’t access, “the staff said. “So shed the crocodile tears.”

Revealed: Times-up staff warned about a major memo issue long before the implosion

Time’s Up spokesperson to The Daily Beast, organization director Because the paper already got some details of the report and wanted the resulting article to be a complete picture. He added that a layoff was needed to allow the organization to continue working on behalf of the survivors, but when the program’s work, which will be suspended on January 1st, when current staff will leave, will resume. I didn’t say if it would be done.

The Daily Beast Previously reported Staff at the time described organizations that are more enthusiastic about wealthy and powerful supporters than survivors and are adopting a stuffy top-down leadership style. Employees claimed to have been forced to remove photos of Cuomo’s critics from his website and tweet praiseworthy about his office work. Others said that when celebrities were being harassed online, they were forced to abandon everything and start a petition in favor of Gayle King. One survivor, first supported by the group, asked to remove her name from the Daily Beast article in April after Time’s Up executives blamed her for participation.

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Tina Tchen resigned as CEO of Time’s Up earlier this year.

Countess Gemal / Getty“src =”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTQ5NA–/ -~ B / aD04MTk7dz0xMTcwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u /″ class=”caas-img”/>

Tina Tchen resigned as CEO of Time’s Up earlier this year.

Countess Gemal / Getty

Ferguson, who has been with the organization for over a year, said he remained on staff despite these negative reports because he believed the organization could change. But even before the layoff was announced, she said she had already lost hope.

“Imagine coming to work every day and wanting to do the right thing, the good thing, but bureaucratic formalism and culture, and this strange and very heavy top-down teaching method. “She said.

“Twenty-five of the staff are amazing, and the twelve who resigned since I started a year ago are amazing, and it’s a crying shame,” she added.

A colleague’s employee described Friday’s layoff as a “failure” for staff and the entire movement.

Asked what to convey to the leadership of the organization, she said: And I want to know how they can sleep at night while keeping their employees in the dark. “

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