Starbucks barista graffiti notes on cups to help teenage customers

Is the strange customer here or is it going?

A Texas mother visited Facebook and thanked Corpus Christi’s Starbucks barista. She said she was looking for her teenage daughter when a coffee shop man approached an 18-year-old customer. According to Brandy Selim Roberson’s Facebook page, compassionate Starbucks employees wisely handed a paper cup with a scribbled message to a young woman, seeing potential unpleasant situations.

“Are you okay?” Read the cup. “Do you want us to intervene?”

Writing on the cup instructed Roberson’s daughter to remove the lid if she felt unsafe.

“The barista handed her extra hot chocolate that someone forgot to pick up,” Roberson explained. “I am very grateful to those who care about others.

Her daughter felt she didn’t need to remove the lid from the cup, but Robeson thanked the Starbucks workers for covering her as well.

“She said the whole team was watching her for the rest of the time she was there,” Robeson wrote.

Facebook users (some of whom were mothers) shared Robeson’s enthusiasm for good Samaritans looking for neighbors.

“I love it,” writes Jennifer Stockton. “I hope someone cares for my girl like this !!”

Robeson told NBC “today” that the incident happened on Saturday night while her daughter was studying at a coffee shop. The man, who was allegedly unknown to the teenager, appeared to be “quite vibrant” and caught the attention of the barista on duty. “Today,” a stranger said he was aware of the fact that someone approaching him was communicating with the staff and left her alone.

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