Starbucks fires employee who accused customer of being transphobic


A Starbucks employee has admitted he was fired after he was filmed violently yelling at a customer after he was accused of “misgendering”.

In a statement to The Epoch Times, Starbucks said its transgender employee contracts were “terminated” after an investigation into an incident circulated on social media.

quarrel footageIt took place at Starbucks’ 23.5 Degrees store in Town Quay, Southampton, UK.

The customer called the barista “the man,” the employee claimed.

The woman continuously denies being transphobic before staff clap her in the face, call her “Karen” and order her to leave the store.

A Starbucks employee accused her of “trespassing”, told customers they were ineligible for a refund, and urged them to leave the store again.

The barista then approached a passerby filming the incident outside and tried to grab the man’s cell phone, demanding that he hand it over.

A short clip, believed to have been recorded over a week ago, was posted on Twitter on May 7 and has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Furious social media users called on Starbucks to fire its employees, with TV personality Oli London writing, “Is it an acceptable way for @StarbucksUK staff to do this?”

There was also a protest call at a Southampton cafe by women’s rights activist Kelly Jay Keane Minschl, also known as Pozzie Parker.

Keen Minschl reacted to the footage by writing on Twitter: We should all go. ”

Hampshire Police said they had not received any reports of the incident.

No tolerance

In a statement to The Epoch Times on May 8, a Starbucks spokesperson said, “This type of behavior is unacceptable. We are very sorry to hear about what this customer experienced at the 23.5 Degrees Run store in Townquay, Southampton. I am sorry for

“After a full investigation, our partners [employee] It ended with immediate effect. ”

As part of its strict diversity policy, Starbucks says it seeks employees “as diverse as the communities we serve,” called “partners.”

The company’s website states that employees must “act in a spirit of kinship, generosity and humanity toward all customers and welcome our brands to all.” .

In 2018, the coffee giant became the first company in the world to pay for gender reassignment surgery for its transgender employees.

The company said it is working with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) to come up with a new health care plan for its staff.

of statement at the timeStarbucks vice president of benefits Ron Crawford said the decision was “driven by the company’s desire to provide truly comprehensive coverage and by its strong dialogue with transgender people.” rice field. [employees] about how those benefits allow them to truly be themselves. ”

He added: I would love to see more employers doing this. ”

The chain has offered employee insurance covering procedures since 2012, but a newly drafted plan covers procedures for transgender employees in the US previously considered “superficial.” To do.

Employees seeking such procedures could request breast augmentation or reduction surgery, facial feminization, and hair transplantation, Starbucks said at the time.

Epoch Times photo
Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (Posie Parker) speaks at the Standing Protest for Women in Glasgow, Scotland on February 5, 2023. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

‘life saving’

Starbucks was the first company in the world to ask WPATH to help translate WPATH-recommended standards of care into medical benefit policies, said Jamison, the immediate past president of WPATH, who worked with the company on the benefits package. Mr Green said.

“Starbucks was not afraid to ask all the right questions and demand that people receive the best care possible,” Green said in a Starbucks statement at the time.

“We have compiled a list of the most important benefits, such as facial feminization and electrolysis, as well as those deemed problematic for insurance companies.”

Many procedures considered cosmetic are not optional for transgender people, Green said, but they are essential to being yourself. He said it could become

Tate Burmester, one of the US-based transgender employees, said the company’s actions were “lifesaving.”

“Starbucks is standing up, standing up for transgender people, saying our treatments aren’t just superficial, they’re lifesaving. They affirm.” Buhrmester said.

“They aren’t just considered optional cosmetic procedures because they are very important to trans people and not an option for many.”