Starlink’s internet is 40% faster than fiber optics: Elon Musk


Epoch Times Photo
By entrepreneurial staff

Interested in Elon Musk’s internet? Much has been said about Starlink, a satellite internet service that Tesla and SpaceX-owning tycoons will soon sell in different countries.

Recently, a millionaire said through his Twitter account that the service is about 40% faster and has a shorter path than fiber because “processing doesn’t matter”. “We don’t need a ground station everywhere,” he added. “The Arctic will have a lot of bandwidth!”

In another message, a businessman explained that his satellites, which will be launched within the next few months, have laser links between them, so no local downlinks are needed.

Musk’s company has low earth orbit satellites that provide high speed connectivity and low latency. This means that the download time is short. Starlink’s Internet is designed to cover remote areas that traditional businesses cannot easily access.


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