State Department warns after China’s skyscrapers shake mysteriously

This week, the U.S. Department of State warned employees and all Americans in Shenzhen, China, to stay away from the SEG Plaza Tower following video footage, saying a skyscraper about 1,000 feet high is shaking. I reported.

US Consulate in nearby Guangzhou Said on wednesday The alertness near the Seg Plaza Tower will remain “until further notice” due to building shaking and reports of “evacuation from the building” and “nearby”.

According to the alert, “Employees of the US Consulate General in Guangzhou are instructed to avoid the SEG Tower / Huaqiang North area until further notice.” “The US Consulate General in Guangzhou recommends that all US citizens avoid the SEG Tower and Huaqiang North area until further notice.”

With a height of 984 feet and one of the tallest buildings in Shenzhen, the building has a large electronics market and numerous offices.

Video footage Post Online shows that the building is rocking back and forth so that people can see it Escape to Shout. The building was evacuated after the shaking began. report Local news agency.

No earthquakes or stormy weather have been reported at the time of the quake.

A local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official investigating the cause said no “abnormalities in the building’s main structure and surrounding environment” were found. CNN..

Shenzhen’s emergency management agency has also not yet revealed why skyscrapers are wobbling. Said It is investigating the problem.

“The vendor on the 9th floor said it felt it and the shaking felt like an earthquake,” said Hu Jian, a livestreaming equipment vendor working at the tower. Said South China Morning Post. “I couldn’t feel it from the second floor.”

Many people on Chinese social media sites have said that buildings should be demolished.

“Shenzhen should never use this swaying building again. It is reportedly suitable for demolition,” wrote one person. “In today’s cities, the quality of these skyscrapers is not guaranteed,” another said, citing the number of skyscrapers built in a hurry in China and relatively loose safety standards.

Online database of Skyscrapers and Council on Tall Buildings To tell The SEG Tower is the 18th tallest building in Shenzhen and the 104th tallest building in China.

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