State GOP Can’t Explain Millions of Dollars in “Trump Victory” Cash

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John Moore / Getty

A few months after the Federal Election Commission notified some Republican parties that there was a big gap in reporting funding and spending in 2020, the Commission revised the numbers, I still can’t explain why the difference came about.

This issue raises new questions about the potential abuse of long-standing campaign finance loopholes that allow wealthy mega-donors to cut huge checks. Last year, many Republican parties were unable to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sometimes millions of dollars, of remittances that violated reporting requirements.

“There are many layers of issues here, but the basic question is whether the state’s political parties have complied with the federal disclosure requirements,” said Common Cause, vice president of policy and litigation for election reform advocacy. Paul Ryan told The Daily Beast.

It looks like a whole body. The FEC has so far sent notices to 10 of the 46 Parties and the RNC that have not reported large same-day remittances from the Community Chest of Japan. So far, all but one have answered.

However, their explanation was incomplete or nonexistent. For example, the Republican Party in Rhode Island Admit I got an error, but I don’t explain how or why. “The post-general report of $ 251,771.78 was not included in the original 30-day post-general report submitted, so a modified report was submitted to include it.” of Fix He disclosed over $ 455,500 in remittances from Trump’s victory, but did not provide an explanation in that letter either.

The problem stems from community chest agreements, a team of political committees that unite to expand the funding and reach of political parties. The arrangements are legal, but Republicans apparently used them to secretly pass millions of dollars to RNC from Trump’s victory through a clearly indifferent state committee.

The revised filing also shows that despite participating in Trump’s victory, some committees did not inform the FEC that they had participated in Trump’s victory. Their explanation was unclear.

Hawaii has never announced its role in Trump’s victory FebruaryFour days later, the Commission revealed a remittance of approximately $ 1.7 million, claiming that it had missed the deal “due to a misunderstanding of reporting requirements.”

According to FEC records, the Arkansas Republican Party revealed a whopping $ 3.5 million move last month to a group that had never officially joined, Trump Victory. “Due to administrative mistakes, the relocation was inadvertently not disclosed in the original report,” the State party explained.

The Oklahoma Republican Party gave RNC hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mr. Trump’s victory last year, but hasn’t officially joined the deal yet. I have written— —Twice— He was suffering from “serious health problems”.

However, States parties may not have known the arrangement, but RNC did not. RNC reports include transfers.

FEC wanted to know how that was possible.In response to a question about the Colorado Republican Party’s unreported relocation, RNC Passed all responsibility To the country, “We have confirmed that we have received funds from. [the] Colorado Republican Commission. No further action is required. “

This does not mean that FEC was embarrassed. In fact, in the same month that RNC was sought for clarification, the Wyoming Republican Party paid the FEC a large fine in 2016 for the same type of omission.

But now there is a new dimension. Banks in small DC areas may also be aiming.

In January 2020, Mr. Trump’s victory informed the federal government to use the Chain Bridge Bank, a popular agency among Republican committees. The RNC also had an account there, but some state commissions did not. Others recently told FEC that they had it, but didn’t report it at first.

The two parties in Arkansas and Oklahoma have not yet reported their Chain Bridge account. Hawaii GOP just added a bank in February.

If the committee had set up its own account, it’s unclear why it was forgotten. None of them explained this to the FEC and did not answer The Daily Beast’s inquiries. Chain Bridge does not publicly comment on the client.

Community chest arrangements are complex, but they bring great financial benefits. The mechanism is as follows.

The Community Chest of Japan will open a back door to allow political parties in each country to raise more money from megadonors than the law allows. Trump Victory has 48 members, so one can cut one check equal to the combined donation limits of all 40 committees. Trump Victory then distributes the funds to other committees.

For example, in 2020, two donors donated $ 817,800 to Mr. Trump’s victory: a pharmaceutical company executive. Richard RobertsAnd Nicole Luckey, wife of Palmer Luckey, a pioneer of billionaire technology, in September and October, respectively.

This arrangement has a second advantage. Donors can only donate $ 10,000 to political parties, but state commissions can send an unlimited amount to the Nationalist Party (RNC). This means that the RNC can effectively recoup all donations to Trump victory from the state, including the donors who have already provided the maximum amount to the RNC.

This strategy dates back to 2016 when Hillary Clinton, a candidate at the time, was the first to take advantage of the 2014 Supreme Court’s decision to open a community chest lock. This helped build a machine that the Democratic National Committee would pull in. $ 80 million In the case of DNC, it’s about three times that of Mr. Trump’s own machine that year.

the system Widely criticized Along Election reform supporters for Distort the stadium In favor of Megadonor elite group..

“These community chest practices are nothing more than legalized money laundering, allowing wealthy donors to circumvent contribution restrictions and write six-digit checks for the benefit of presidential candidates and national political parties. “We will,” the campaign’s federal reform director, Brendan Fisher, a nonpartisan surveillance group, the Legal Center, told The Daily Beast.

“It’s a bad policy, but it’s legally acceptable,” said Ryan, co-author of the 2013 Supreme Court. Amicus Overview Community chest claims to unfairly empower wealthy donors.

The FEC finally unveiled an attempt to deceive Hillary Clinton’s supporters from their vote in 2016

Again, this is usually all legal. But last year, many experienced state committee treasurers seemed unaware of many of these transfers.

FEC previously issued fine For similar violations. Given the amount of money involved, fines can be high.

“A” willful “violation of the Federal Campaign Finance Act will be punished by a fine of up to 200% of the donations or expenditures involved in such violations,” Ryan said.

There is another twist. It is a bank account.Omission of them Ask a new question Whether the party treasurer (who needs to sign off with these accounts) knew that the committee had opened an account at Chain Bridge. Ryan said it could expose them legally.

“If the state committee uses the account and doesn’t disclose it, the campaign finance law will be compromised and the treasury will have to be punished for perjury,” Ryan said. “It would be even worse if RNC had an account and did not inform the Parties about it.”

FEC believes the problem may be related.

In 2019, the agency slapped the Republican Party in Wyoming. Serious fine About unreported 2016 transfers. The report referred to allegations of suspicious banking activity and raised concerns that funds were transferred directly from Trump Victory to RNC and that “all FEC reports on those transfers were fraudulent.”

General counsel Recommendation Thorough investigation. However, the Republican-appointed commissioner rejected it.

It is difficult to determine the reason for the obvious shortcut.

“I can’t think of many reasons why I set this,” Ryan said. “They may find it easier, and they may be trying to save on bank charges, but it can also be a way to increase RNC shipments. States that don’t participate. Suppose there is a political party, but the RNC can involve another state to raise more money, which allows them to do so. “

The Wyoming proceedings may provide hints to support his intuition.

Wio file on monday report A Republican treasurer in Wyoming accused the state leader and RNC of trading behind the scenes in 2016, calling it “an obvious’end run’to bypass individual state law.”

See The Daily Beast for more information.

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