State police investigating deadly Virginia Beach police shootings

Virginia Beach police handed over an investigation into a shooting involving a former college football player police officer after a black man died in a surge in shootings over the weekend.

Twenty-five-year-old Donobon W. Lynch was shot by Virginia Beach police officers at the end of three shootings at a popular oceanfront hotel and restaurant in Virginia Beach. The shooting killed one other person and injured eight others.

The case has attracted calls from Grammy-winning musician Pharrell Williams and others who claim Lynch to be his cousin for a thorough and transparent investigation.

“Each officer associated with the Lynch family deserves a comprehensive and thorough investigation into the case,” said Paul Neudigate, Virginia Beach Police Chief, in a statement Tuesday.

Both Lynch and the police officer who shot him are black. The police and another police officer who saw Lynch’s shooting both said Lynch had a pistol, police said Monday.

“Another independent witness confirmed that Mr Lynch had a pistol,” city police said. However, the body camera worn by the policeman who shot Lynch was not working for “unknown reasons.” According to the police. Said.

“I would like to provide an answer to the community. There is no answer at this time,” the police chief said on Saturday.

Neudigate said on Monday that his department formally requested state police to investigate.

That same day, Williams told his 10 million Twitter followers that Lynch was his cousin.

“It’s important that my family and the families of other victims get the transparency they deserve. VA Beach is the epitome of hope and we’ll get over it,” said singer-songwriter and producer. I will. Williams is also from Virginia Beach.

Living in a coastal city, Lynch was an aggressive lineman at the University of Virginia University in Wise during the 2017 and 2018 seasons and graduated from school in 2019.

The police who shot Lynch were put on leave, police said. He has been in this department for five years and is assigned to that special operations department.

The Virginia Beach branch of the NAACP said in a statement on Sunday that it was not surprised that the policeman’s body camera was not turned on. “We are monitoring and listening to departmental inquiries regarding this shooting and expect a thorough and prompt report. The community is waiting!”

Virginia General Assembly member Jay Jones, a Democrat running for Attorney General, has asked state AG to investigate.

“We need much better accountability and transparency. The families of people killed by police in Virginia Beach and throughout the country deserve the answer,” Jones said on Sunday.

Lynch’s shootings were one of three separate shootings, police said, occurred within minutes of each other along Virginia Beach’s oceanfront.

Police said late Friday night a shootout broke out from a battle that appeared to involve a group of people. Several people were injured in the shooting in a dense area and three men were arrested.each face Above all, 7 counts of malicious injuries.

Another weekend shooting killed was Deshayla E. Harris, 28, from Norfolk. Investigators said he believed Harris was probably a bystander who had been shot unchecked. She was not immediately arrested for her death.