Staten Island Pimp Trafficked 14-Year-Old Girl, Forced Prostitute to Live Naked in Home with Him: Federal Government

A cruel pimp forced prostitutes, including a 14-year-old girl, to live naked in their Staten Island home, attend them like servants, and take them to Brooklyn’s infamous streets for prostitution, federal prosecutors say. The official claims

An alleged Crips member, 32-year-old Justin Dixon, forced the teen and at least two other women to clean, cook and bathe, prosecutors said. According to authorities, he drove his adolescent victim every night to a “pen her truck” just off Pennsylvania Avenue in East New York, where she met Johns and gave him the money she had earned. It is said that it was handed over to

He began reaching out to the teenager on Instagram on Jan. 22 and immediately picked her up and took her to his Staten Island home in New Springville, a block away from the Staten Island Mall, he said. Prosecutors argue.

According to the criminal complaint, he took her cell phone and told her he had to cheat and get it back.

“You’re going to wear high heels,” he once said to a teenager, brandishing a gun.

According to federal prosecutors, he called the teenage victim, identified as “Jane Doe” in court filings, small and tried to force her to put on weight.

“Dixon constantly overeats Jane Doe and consistently tells her she needs to eat more to look older than her current age,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Lorena Michelen said Monday. The memo called for him to be held without bail. She said she wanted to arrange for plastic surgery, including breast augmentation, to make her look more mature.”

He also asked her with pills he said would increase her appetite, the prosecutor wrote.

He communicated with his victims via social media, showed romantic interest in them, groomed them, and set traps. He manipulated them into working as prostitutes and “by force and coercion effectively enslaved them,” writes Michelen.

Prosecutors say he alternately showered them with affection, beat them, and tracked their cell phones while they worked.

Police swarmed the house on Jan. 26 and arrested Dixon on state kidnapping and promoting prostitution charges, with the federal government taking over the case on Monday.

Federal prosecutors said one of two guns Dixon used in his car was found during the investigation. Dixon has a criminal record dating back to 2016, including multiple weapons possession convictions, according to court filings.

He was ordered to be held without bail by a Brooklyn federal judge on Monday.