States and Territories Need More Responsibility for NDIS Financing: Minister of NDIS


Linda Reynolds, Minister of the National Disability Insurance System (NDIS), called on states and territories to take more responsibility for funding the system that is out of control.

“It’s not sustainable,” Reynolds said. Australian person.. “Looking at the government budget, more than 12% (current growth rate) is ultimately taxpayer money, and like any other government program, money must come, so it’s a sustainable long term. It’s not a typical trajectory. From somewhere. “

Reynolds said the initial funding agreement between the federal government and the state and territory governments was based on unrealistic “very optimistic” predictions.

Reynolds said in a previous speech that costs are increasing by more than 12% annually, but the budget was based on a 2.5% forecast.

“Everyone knows that the federal government has promised to invest fully in this system, but for a taxpayer-funded system, demand-driven doesn’t mean unlimited,” she said. Said in July.

The government initially agreed to fund the scheme in a 50:50 split. However, the agreement capped state share by an annual increase of 4%, while federal share was capped.

Accelerating growth rates leave federal funding at more than half the cost of the scheme, which continues to rise.

Reynolds warned that the program was not intended to act as a “welfare plan for life.”

A new law has also been unveiled that grants new authority to NDIS CEOs. This includes the ability to change a participant’s plan under limited circumstances without the need for a complete reassessment.

“The Office and the Office believe that these authorities are essential to enable the Office to respond in a timely and appropriate manner if participants cannot or cannot request changes,” NDIS said. The agency states.So said Submission In the Senate.

He added that the plan is in line with the CEO’s current authority, with the difference of “providing an easier and faster process for making small changes.”

Labor NDIS Minister Bill Shorten I have written On social media, Reynolds apologized to people with disabilities for her comments.

“People with disabilities have lifelong disabilities, but the government says they will not give them lifelong support,” Schoten told reporters that workers were suggested unless major changes were made. He added that he would oppose the bill.

Rebecca Chu