States that limit where guns can be carried


Albany, NY (AP) —New York bans people from bringing firearms to many offices unless the owner explicitly indicates that they welcome the gun, Governor Kathy Hokul said on Wednesday. Stated.

Democrats said she and legislative leaders agreed on a broad stroke of gun control bills ready to pass immediately, just a few days later, on Thursday. The US Supreme Court has revoked the state’s pistol license law.

A court ruling will allow ordinary New Yorkers to get permission to carry guns out of their homes for personal defense for the first time in more than a century. Previously, it was difficult to get an unlimited pistol license unless you worked for law enforcement or security.

However, Hochul also said he wanted to protect the rights of real estate owners who decided they didn’t want to have firearms on the premises.

Companies that want to carry a gun will have to put up a sign that says “hidden weapons are welcomed here,” or a word to that effect, Hokuru said. “Otherwise, there would be presumptions in New York that they wouldn’t.”

“We protect the rights of owners of private property so they don’t have to step into workplaces, bars or restaurants with hidden weapons,” Hokul said.

Firearms rights groups opposed the idea that firearms could be banned from many places by default.

“She tells business owners how they need to do business if they want to stay open. These are unconstitutional obligations and I think they will be withdrawn by the courts,” New York said. Aaron Doll, Managing Director of the Firefighting Association, said.

The push to pass the new restrictions follows the Supreme Court’s decision to defeat the provisions of New York’s licensing law, which required people to present an extraordinary threat to their safety in carrying pistols.

The state has set new requirements for obtaining a pistol permit, Hochul said, including requiring 15 hours of face-to-face fire range training. Congress will also enact new rules on the storage of firearms in homes and cars, she said.

Hochul and fellow Democrats also create a comprehensive list of “sensitive places” where the average citizen is completely banned from carrying firearms, such as government buildings, hospitals, schools, and public transport. I am planning to do that.

A handful of states including California, After the Supreme Court’s decision, we are considering similar steps to revise gun control measures.

New York is the first state to pass a law permitting concealed weapons only by companies that explicitly allow it, according to David Puccino, Deputy Chief Adviser of the Gifford Law Center for the Prevention of Gun Violence. Will be.

In many states where it is common to carry guns, it is usually the responsibility of the business to post a sign indicating that firearms are not permitted. In some states, including Louisiana and South Carolina, you need permission to bring firearms into your private home.

“The state is responding in a very powerful way to address the new risks created by the court, but the court is in a framework advocating what the constitutional set of gun laws looks like. It fits, “said Puccino.

The Supreme Court ruling said the state could ban firearms in certain places, but warned that simply banning guns in all densely populated areas was unconstitutional.

Hochul said he is still working with lawmakers to come up with details of gun control legislation, including her proposal to ban people with a history of dangerous behavior from obtaining pistol permits.

Parliamentarians will also require a background check on all purchases of gun ammunition that require a permit, Hokuru said.

This is already mandatory in some states, and state law in 2013 also required such a check in New York after the state set up the database. However, legislative leaders and former governor Andrew Cuomo agreed to stop working on the database in 2015.

Dole, managing director of the New York State Firearms Association, said requesting a background check would bother gun owners who comply with the law without helping public security.

“Criminals don’t step into retail stores to buy ammunition,” Dorr said. “This is a ridiculous attempt to once again demonize the law that protects gun owners.”


Maysoon Khan contributed a report from Albany, NY. Khan is a corps member of the Associated Press / Report for America Statehouse News Initiative. Report for America is a non-profit national service program that places journalists in the local newsroom to report on unreported issues. Follow Maysoon Khan on Twitter.