States voting for Biden lose three net house seats after census count

Data: US Census Bureau; Map: Danielle Alberti / Axios

Population changes mean that the five states that voted for Joe Biden will lose seats in the House of Representatives when the parliamentary district is redrawn later this year. Only two Trump voting countries lose their seats.

Important reason: As the Democrats make up the majority in both Houses of Parliament and the Republicans have a strong grasp of the process of redrawing district boundaries, the process of redistributing political power between and within states, allocation and redistribution I will.

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In numbers: California — the most populous state in the United States — has lost seats for the first time in history.

  • Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia.

  • Texas, which is changing but still very red, wins two redistributed seats. Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina and Oregon will each win one seat.

  • A census official said the state would not have lost parliamentary seats if New York had an additional 89.

What they are saying: Biden loses in this allocation round, but Brookings Institution demographer William Frey said the overall increase in Western and Texas moved from California, a Democratic state, at least in part. He said it reflected the people who did.

  • Therefore, “politically, many of the states that have won seats in these electoral colleges may be politically” bluer “due to the transition from Democratic-oriented states. There is sex, “he said.

Line spacing: The 10-year allocation is the process of dividing 435 seats according to the latest population in each state. This is measured by the census held in the first year of each decade.

  • The complete census data used to change constituencies (the process of creating a new constituency in the state) will not be released until the end of September.

  • The delay was caused by the coronavirus and the Trump administration trying to exclude unauthorized immigrants from the number of censuses. And it believed they would benefit Democrats.

Democrats support Republican-friendly district boundaries, Because the Republican Party has unified control over the parliamentary constituency change process in 18 states instead of the 7 Democratic states. Brennan Center..

  • “The constituency change is likely to determine who will control the House of Representatives in 2022, but could enter the next decade,” said Stanford Law School, a constituency change expert. Nate Persili told Axios.

Big picture: According to Frey, the newly released data also highlights slowing growth and an aging population in the United States.

  • The stagnation of population growth due to the pandemic means that the United States needs to “seriously consider future immigration policies,” he said.

  • Utah was the fastest growing state. Three states have lost their population, and West Virginia’s population has declined at its fastest rate.

  • In the United States, the overall population has increased by 7.4% over the last decade. This was the second slowest increase in history.

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