Statue of Captain Cook destroyed in protest of Australia Day

The statue of Captain James Cook, the first British explorer to discover Australia Destroyed With red spray paint in protest on the eve of Australia Day, the anniversary of the country’s founding.

The statue of James Cook, a British explorer who chartered the east coast of Australia and claimed British land in 1770, was spray-painted in red with a poster encouraging boycotting Australia Day. ..

Glen Weir, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Victorian Police Department, said the vandalism was “really disappointing.”

“We understand that people have a particular view of the day, but we always ask people to have such respect and not allow explicit criminal activity.” he I told Channel Nine.

This statue has become a popular target for destroyers in recent years, with the latest destroyers being Australia Day 2019. In 2021, security guards were hired to protect the statue.

Marcus Pearl, Mayor of Port Phillip, said he was “a little disappointed” with what was done to the statue.

“This morning we served a very beautiful and respectful service with a traditional landowner. That was the right opportunity I thought of. And I came to see this and personally. Was a little disappointed, “he said on a 3AW radio show. ..

“We want to focus on traditions that connect our communities, not separate us.”

Another statue of Captain Cook at Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy North, a suburb of Melbourne, was also covered in red paint all night.

Australian Aboriginal Advocates on Australia Day Invasion Of their land.

“For the Aboriginal people, this day marks the beginning of lasting generational violence and trauma. Invasion of the country, our people and culture is a scar to our people’s well-being. Will last forever. ” Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council Written in a statement.

However, despite increasing media coverage of Australian message polling by indigenous supporters over changing the National Foundation Day date, the majority of Australians voted for Roy Morgan. Shows that you don’t think it’s important to change Indicated 65% think January 26 should be considered Australia Day. This is a 6 percent increase from 2021.

Meanwhile, in Canbella, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison We welcomed 16,000 people to become Australian citizens.

At the flag-raising and citizenship ceremony in Canberra, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was a day to look back on the past and look to the future of the country.

“Today is an optimistic and positive day about a wonderful country where we can all live,” he told reporters.

He praised Australia as the most “successful” multicultural nation in the world and thanked the new citizens for “a wonderful expression of love for our country.”

Marina Chan


Marina Chan is a Melbourne-based Australian reporter with a focus on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected]