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Senate Republicans scramble to derail the creation of a parliamentary riot committee

Minority leader Mitch McConnell opposes a 9.11-style panel bill that could uncover embarrassing facts about the role of Trump and his supporters Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is in the House of Representatives Minority leader Kevin McConnell talks to reporters and leaves. Both have changed their position against the bipartisan Capitol Riot Commission on January 6th. Photo: Senator Drew Angeler / Getty Images Senator Republicans are working together to quell the creation of a 9/11-style committee to investigate the Capitol attack, paying attention to the case. It may become clear on January 6th, which is deeply endangering the passage of the bill in fear of what the investigation is. Republican Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell opposed the Commission’s bill in its current form, saying that several previously expressed supporters could no longer support it. McConnell’s opposition sharply rescues the dangerous path of a bill that Senators may introduce soon this week. There are countless reasons why the Republicans refused to create a committee. It could interfere with existing parliamentary and judicial ministry investigations until January 6. It may be politicized. It may make the Trump-backed riot “bad-looking”. But in the end, the stance would extend support from McConnell and Senate Republican leaders to an investigation into what Donald Trump may have made a mistake by inciting an attack on the Capitol 2022. It reflects fears that it could be used as a grudge against the Republicans prior to the year’s midterm elections. McConnell and House minority leader Kevin McCarthy have decided to put the Republican Party in the majority of both houses next year, and the leaders see the committee as an obstacle to their path. The big upcoming political calculations reflect many of the same concerns that arose during the debate to establish the 9.11 Commission, but the Bush administration said that disclosure of security revocation would give the 2004 election opportunity. He opposed it, fearing it could endanger him. But then, lawmakers were able to set aside months of disagreement and investigate. The bill was passed by the Senate with three votes and a voice vote in the House of Representatives, but the parliamentary attack became another partisan issue in the split parliament. The positions of the two Republican leaders also emphasized the fear that the full accounting on January 6 might reveal the role that the Republicans may have played prior to the rebellion, and they It could lead to an unwelcome scrutiny of Trump’s lies about fraudulent elections that helped promulgate. Donald Trump supporters will protest outside the US Capitol on January 6. Photo: Kevin McCarthy, a minority leader in the House of Representatives Jonathan Ernst / Reuters, could remain exposed, especially if a 9.11-style committee was finally put into the panel. McCarthy seems more interested in overturning election results than Congressional Republicans just to call Trump when the mob broke the Capitol building and to stand by the mob. I asked them to stop. Five people were eventually killed as mobs plundered the Capitol and searched for politicians, including Vice President Mike Pence. McCarthy desperately spoke to White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and said he tried to stop the attack after Trump’s petition was ignored. Said. These conversations between Trump and McCarthy-addressing the critical question of what Trump was doing and personally saying when the Capitol went out of control-are almost certainly investigated and McCarthy himself voluntarily. Or it causes anxiety that you have to testify under a subpoena. “My humble opinion is that there is some information [McCarthy] If the Republican Party comes out, you’ll find it annoying. And I think he’ll do everything he can to prevent it, “Democrat Benny Thompson said. McCarthy was also vulnerable to the investigation of his own senior aide by the January 6 committee and was involved in the organization of a “stop theft” rally prior to the Capitol attack. Hired Brian Jack, a former political director of the United States. The bill to create a 9/11-style commission rebelled against McCarthy on Wednesday with bitter rebuke by 35 Republicans and received an urgent recommendation from the House of Representatives minority whip office to oppose the bill. Later, he passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support. .. But McConnell’s new resistance-a reversal from his previous openness to having a committee, and Trump’s keen condemnation of inciting a parliamentary attack-is faced by the bill in the Senate. It betrays the fierce political situation. The bill, in its current form, would require the approval of at least 10 Senate Republicans before being brought to the seats for debate. It also requires 10 Senate Republicans to cross the aisle to join the Democratic Party and defeat the expected filibuster. Senator Democrats draw a narrow path to 10 votes based on seven Republicans: Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy, Ben Sasse, and Patrick Toomy. I was able to. Senator Richard Burr has voted to impeach Donald Trump in a parliamentary rebellion, but now appears to be opposed to the investigative commission. Photo: Senate leader Chuck Schumer and his team of leaders are enough to pass the bill, according to well-known deliberations with other Republicans such as Rob. Portman, who had recently had hopes for securing bipartisan support, remains undecided. As McCarthy suggested, Senate minority whip John Thune, who was tightly focused on January 6 and was bullish on the prospect of having a non-irrelevant left-wing violence committee, said the Republicans were still I said earlier that I didn’t oppose the bill. Zackwamp, a former member of the September 11 committee and a former top Republican member of the US Capitol Police Oversight Committee, condemns Republican efforts to end the investigation on January 6. Did. “We need to know exactly what happened,” Wamp said. “So I appeal to my fellow Republicans in the House and Senate: do the right thing here. You really need to clear this. Do it together as an American. We. Prioritize the country over any political interests. “But the bill could be enacted last week after at least one senator convicted of Trump announced that he would oppose the commission. It got worse. “I don’t think it is necessary or wise to set up a committee,” Barr said in a statement.

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