Stephen A. Smith believes players are neglecting their jobs while taking advantage of collective bargaining

Trading deadline passed without Lakers trading Russell Westbrook.

We all know Lakers I had a hard time, but now I’ve come to the point where Talking Heads has accused me of basically cramming the team. This has led to a wide range of discussions about the state of the league, the star players, the culture set by those players, and how they are done.Owners don’t like this The era of empowerment 1 bit.

(Photo by Allenberezovsky / Getty Images)

(Photo by Allenberezovsky / Getty Images)

Brian Windholst, Stephen A. Smith Kendrick Perkins then appeared in “The First Take” to discuss the issue.Before thursday James Harden for Ben Simmons TradingAs far as the news of the closing date was concerned, what happened to Russ was the main attraction.

While the trade was being discussed, Windhorst suggested that the Lakers needed to take action to “cheer up” the team.

Stephen A. Smith took the conversation off the original course, shot NBA players, guaranteed owners, and hinted at future collective bargaining agreements.

Stephen A. Smith:

“The Los Angeles Lakers are an unmitigated disaster. They are confused. They will sacrifice their livelihoods to people, and in all of them, paid players get paid. Not worth it, but they get their money anyway. That’s why the next round of collective bargaining between owners and players is … because these owners are coming for them, we Will be a must-see TV in terms of talking about it. “

SAS didn’t stop there. He explained in his opinion why owners should come for players who should be more committed to doing their job.

“The fact that everyone took a break. The fact that some people do not obey the rules and regulations, the fact that some are lazy at their discretion. When do you want to play instead of focusing on your work? Choose how you want to play. The owner is coming for them, and I call it in the middle the way I see it. Some of these guys … the short end of the stick by the player When it comes to getting, some Shenanigans are simply unacceptable, so they deserve it. It’s bad for the game. “

Smith lost the Lakers to the Portland Trail Blazers team, who had just traded off CJ McCollum, and lost franchise star Damian Lillard and several other important parts.

As LeBron James and Anthony Davis played Wednesday night, the defeat of these Lakers would take too much freedom with their power and to the players who haven’t put the best products on the floor for their fans. I don’t know if it’s related. And Russell Westbrook didn’t play, but from all accounts, no one in the world of hoops thinks he should be on the floor.

Stephen A. then chased Lebron for a post-match interview, as frustrated King James said, after losing to Portland 107-105 on Wednesday night. “I’m literally tired like hell right now. I just drink wine, go to bed and wake up tomorrow.”

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