Stephen Colbert mockes a Republican “Moron” like Rand Paul who tried to confuse Fauci



After analyzing the number of Americans currently using COVID-19 Late show “Of course, the big danger is that COVID has turned into a political issue,” said Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night.

He took up Dr. Anthony Fauci’s ardent testimony early in the day at Capitol Hill for the next few minutes, during which he spent it again. Clashed with his “old nemesis”, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) And was I got caught in a hot microphone Another Republican senator is called “Moron.”

“Catch him, Fosh!” Colbert shouted after playing Fauci’s clip and after Paul accused him of “distorting” everything. “Take off your gloves and mask!” “I have a senator as a result of you, and I’m sorry to let you know that you have contracted my boots with your ass.”

“But if there’s one that’s more contagious than COVID, it’s ridiculous,” the host added later.

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Specifically, he mentioned Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS), who claimed at a hearing that his staff could not find Dr. Fauci’s official financial disclosure. “And Fauci informed in uncertain terms that Senator wasn’t the fault of Google if he didn’t know how to do it,” Colbert said. After saying “what an idiot,” he was out of breath and said “Jesus Christ.”

“And now the clip lives forever on the internet,” he said after he stopped laughing. “One place where Senator Marshall and his staff can never find it.”

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