Stephen Colbert Trolls Senator Ted Cruz with a Dull Two-Character Comeback

Stephen Colbert There were only two letters to Sen. Ted Cruz After the Texas Republicans launch a bizarre attack Big bird..

After tweeting that the “Sesame Street” character was vaccinated last week Cruz replied: “Government promotion … for your 5 years old!”

Colbert counterattacked in a loyal style to the street. “Sesame Street”, that is.

“Senator Cruz, how should this be placed?” Colbert said. “Our show tonight is brought to you with the letters” F “and” U “. ”

“I’m surprised that Cruz is at odds with Big Bird here,” Colbert added. “They have a lot in common. When it gets cold, they both fly south.”

Cruz fled his state earlier this year, when it was dysfunctional due to a major power outage during a severe winter storm. When the Texas died and suffered Cruz is bolted to Mexico..

See more in Colbert’s Monday night solitude:

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